Additional Employment Policy

In general, employees hold only one (1) appointment with the college. Employees may be given an additional appointment concurrent with the primary appointment under the following conditions:

The employee has the qualifications and experience required to perform the responsibilities of the new assignment.

The supplemental activity is clearly separate and distinct from the primary work assignment, outside the scope of the primary work assignment and outside of the employee's regularly scheduled hours in the primary work assignment.

The supplemental activity is determined by the supervisor of the employee's primary assignment to be consistent with the employee's performance of his or her primary responsibilities.

Vacation time may not be used to accomplish the supplemental work.

When an employee holds a position that requires less than a full-time work week, the employee may be hired by another department for part-time duties so long as the regularly scheduled work week total hours do not exceed thirty-five (35) hours.

The employee may not provide services to the college as an independent contractor.

An employee must notify his or her supervisor of any appointments at the college. The assumption of the secondary appointment is contingent upon the approval of the employee's supervisor for the primary appointment. Offers of secondary appointments should be made to FLSA non-exempt employees first. FLSA exempt employees may only perform supplemental work when a qualified, non-exempt employee is not available and no other alternative can be found. Such assignments should be temporary and not recurring on a regular basis.

Compensation for supplemental work activities must be consistent with the college's compensation policies. All payments to individuals regularly employed by the college must be reported to the IRS as income. Income tax and social security deductions must be made from all payments for supplemental work activities.

Special rules applicable to employees who hold FLSA non-exempt positions

Employees who work in any position designated as FLSA non-exempt must be paid an hourly rate for each hour worked in any separate position.

Employees who work in any position designated as FLSA non-exempt must be paid at an overtime rate for hours worked beyond forty (40) in any one week in which they work a total of more than forty (40) hours. The overtime rate will be based on the employee's regular rate of pay for the applicable week

Special rules applicable to employees who hold FLSA exempt positions

Employees who work in any position designated as FLSA exempt may be paid for temporary supplemental assignments such as movie shoots or special events via a special pay structure based on a negotiated rate, depending on the assignment, on the regular monthly payroll cycle.

Payment for all additional work will fall on the NEXT payroll cycle AFTER timesheets arrive in the Office of HR/Payroll. Employees should not expect to receive payment until all paperwork has been approved and processed.

Policy No.  182  Issued  3/1/2012