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Undergraduate Summer Courses

Undergraduate Summer Courses

Enjoy Your Summer and Make It Count

Advance your academic goals by taking summer school courses with prestigious faculty at a nationally ranked liberal arts college. With a variety of courses offered, you will find just the ones you need. Reap the benefits of a summer well spent—with online and on campus courses from Agnes Scott.

Undergraduate Summer Courses are an extended program managed by the Office of Graduate and Extended Programs.


The program is open to current Agnes Scott students.

All students taking an online course must be living either

  1. within the state of Georgia,
  2. within a SREB participating state, or
  3. outside the 50 United States of America

at the time of the scheduled online course.  



Session I

Session II

Session Dates

May 29-June 28 July 2-August 2
The recommended course load is one or two courses per session. Since these courses contain the same material taught in a much longer semester, each course is intense, and the 5 weeks passes very quickly.

Registration and Payment Dates and Deadlines

ASCAgnes Registration Begins April 5 Begins April 5
Registration Deadline (Last day to register)* Friday, May 18* Monday, June 18*
Tuition Payment Deadline** Tuesday, May 22** Friday, June 22**

*After the registration deadline (May 18 for Session I and June 18 for Session II), Agnes Scott students may not register or change the schedule for that session on AscAgnes, but may add/drop via email request only to

**Summer tuition will be billed at the time of registration.  After the tuition payment deadline (May 22 for Session I and June 22 for Session II), students will be dropped from that session’s courses for non-payment.  Payment deadlines apply to all students, including Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical students.

Exam Schedule

June 28 August 2


Undergraduate summer school courses are open to current Agnes Scott students.   Registration for both summer sessions begins April 5.

Register through ASCAgnes the same as you would for a normal Fall or Spring term.

Register Now!

Add/Drop Deadlines 2018

Session I

Session II

Classes begin May 29 July 2
Last day to add a class May 31 July 5
Last day to drop without "W" June 4 July 9
Last day to drop with "W" June 13 July 18

Tuition is $450 per credit hour.

Per 4 credit hour course: $1,800.


Tuition Payment  Deadlines

Session I

Session II

Balance Due May 22 June 22

Students attending summer school at Agnes Scott College may be eligible to receive state and federal aid. No institutional grants or scholarships are available.

Federal Aid
Students must have a completed FAFSA on file with Agnes Scott College to receive federal aid. All annual limits apply. Students who have received maximum federal awards during the fall and spring term will have no available funds for summer study. All federal requirements apply.

State Aid 
Students who are Georgia residents may be eligible to receive HOPE for the summer term. Eligible students who are enrolled for six to eleven hours may receive $955 in HOPE funds; full-time students may receive $1,968 in HOPE funds. The Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant is available in the amount of $450 to eligible Georgia residents attending full time.  Funding levels are subject to change annually by the Georgia General Assembly.

Private Loans
Private loans are offered by various lenders. The loans are based on credit-worthiness and sometimes require an eligible co-signer. For more information about private loans, visit Elm Select's Agnes Scott page

To apply
Fill out and submit the Summer School Financial Aid application.

For More Information
Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 404.471.6395 or and indicate that you are inquiring about financial aid for summer school.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Session I

Session II

90% refunded May 29-30 July 2-4
50% refunded May 31-June 4 July 5-9
25% refunded June 5-7 July 10-12
No refund on/after June 11 July 16