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Agnes Accelerated 4 + 1 Program

Engaging the Challenge, Together. Information for a remote-only fall semester.

Achieving your goals begins with a challenge. At Agnes Scott, our students are no strangers to tackling a challenge; in fact, they welcome it because they know overcoming a challenge is the fastest pathway to growth.

Now, the college recognized as the top liberal arts college in the U.S. for our innovative curriculum is offering you a new kind of challenge—the opportunity to accelerate the pathway to achieving your career goals, beginning as early as your first-year of college.

Fast-track your future with our Agnes Accelerated 4+1 Program, a bachelor's-to-master's program designed to save you both time and money, created specifically for motivated, purpose-driven, bold students just like you.

Through the 4+1 Program, you'll be able to seamlessly blend the established academic excellence of our undergraduate SUMMIT experience with our forward-thinking graduate studies opportunities, effectively earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just five years.

Accelerated Degree Programs

Scotties in their junior year can apply to participate in any of our innovative master's programs:

  • By beginning your graduate studies in your senior year at Agnes Scott, you’ll be able to earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years—saving you both time and money.
  • You’ll integrate cutting-edge graduate coursework into your final undergraduate year, enhancing your experience.
  • By earning your master’s degree in just one extra year, you’ll have the chance to jump start your professional career as a leader and innovator.

Scotties in their first and second year of study can use that time to explore their options. The application process to participate in the Agnes Accelerated 4+1 Program begins for Scotties who are in their junior year. Once you have completed 76-hours of your undergraduate coursework, just follow these steps:

  1. Submit a completed Agnes Accelerated Application (typically the second semester of your junior year, but no later than the first semester of your senior year). See the Application Process tab below for full application requirements and deadlines.
  2. Once approved, the Graduate Coordinator registers you in approved core classes associated with the graduate program in your 4+1 Application. Participating Agnes Accelerated students may take up to six credit hours of approved graduate level coursework during their final two semesters of undergraduate coursework (excluding summer). 
  3. These six credit hours of graduate coursework will count as electives toward your bachelor’s degree and the grades will be included in the calculations for your undergraduate GPA as long as you apply into the associated master's program during your final undergraduate semester.
  4. Until your bachelor’s degree is conferred, you remain a bachelor’s degree-seeking student for purposes of federal and state financial aid, as well as any aid awarded to you as part of your undergraduate admission.
  5. During your final fall or spring semester as an undergraduate student (whichever is your last), you need to submit a completed Graduate Admission Application to become a full master's degree-seeking student after your bachelor's degree conferral.
    • The process is simplified for Agnes Accelerated participants: you just need to complete a new application. You may elect to use the same materials originally submitted for Agnes Accelerated or you may update your materials within the Graduate Admission Application.
    • You are guaranteed admission into the master’s program associated with your 4+1 application provided you are in good standing and have earned a 'B' or higher in each graduate class. If you have not met these criteria, admission into the master’s degree program is not guaranteed, and will be considered on an individual basis.
  6. Once you earn your bachelor’s degree, receive admission to and enroll in a master’s degree program at Agnes Scott, the graduate credit hours you earned through Agnes Accelerated for which a grade of ‘B’ or higher was earned will count toward your master’s degree requirements.
  • Agnes Scott bachelor’s degree-seeking students who have earned a minimum of 76 credit hours may apply (this is typically in the spring of the junior year).
  • Students from any undergraduate major are eligible. 
  • To be eligible for the program, you must be in good standing with Agnes Scott College and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above.
  • Graduate coursework begins either fall or spring semester. 

We recommend that interested students talk with their SUMMIT advisor, faculty advisor, and/or the graduate admission counselor before applying to determine which program best matches the student’s interests and goals.

Are you a first-year or second-year Agnes Scott undergraduate student? The application process for Agnes Accelerated begins your junior year. We encourage you to talk with your SUMMIT advisor or contact Celeste Whitman '16, our graduate admission counselor, to learn about our programs so you are ready when the time comes to apply.

If you have already completed your bachelor's degree, or will complete your bachelor's degree before beginning graduate studies, we encourage you to learn more about our application process for traditional graduate programs.

If you are looking for information about applying to Agnes Scott to earn your bachelor's degree, please visit our undergraduate admission webpage.

Current Scotties in their junior year of study should submit the following required items to apply to participate in Agnes Accelerated.

  • Agnes Accelerated 4+1 Program application
  • Two (2) recommendations: Please contact your recommenders at least two weeks before entering their information into your 4+1 application to verify that they can submit a letter of recommendation for you.
    • One from SUMMIT or major advisor
    • One from a faculty member who has taught you
  • Statement of purpose
  • Writing sample (only required for students applying for Writing and Digital Communication)
  • Copies of official transcripts (The Office of Graduate and Extended Programs will request transcripts for Agnes Scott students)


Students are admitted to start during fall or spring terms:

  • Fall 2020 deadlines:
    • March 15, April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15 (final admission deadline)
  • Spring 2021 deadlines:
    • September 15, October 15, November 15 (final admission deadline)