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Physician Assistant Studies Technical Standards

Upon matriculation into the Agnes Scott College Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant (PA) Program, students must meet and maintain the following technical standards.

Reasonable accommodation will be offered for persons with disabilities in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Compliance with the technical standards with or without reasonable accommodation does not guarantee that a program graduate can fulfill the technical standards for employment and licensure.

Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office of Accessible Education early to discuss accommodation needs.


Students are expected to participate in and observe demonstrations and experiments in basic and clinical sciences including classroom, laboratory, and computer assisted instruction. This involves the ability to use sensory functions of vision, hearing, and somatic sensation. Students must be able to observe a patient accurately at a distance and close at hand.
Students must be able to effectively and sensitively communicate with patients, their families, and all members of the health care team including faculty and staff. Effective communication skills not only include spoken language, but also reading, writing, and non-verbal cues.
Students must possess the gross and fine motor skills, including but not limited to coordination and dexterity to perform diagnostic physical examinations and clinical procedures necessary to safely care for patients in emergent as well as not emergent settings. Students must have the physical and mental capacity to function competently throughout the program in changing environments academically and clinically. This includes, but is not limited to, walking, using stairs, sitting and standing for long hours, and varying shift schedules.
Students must demonstrate the ability to collect, measure, analyze, synthesize, and interpret complex information. Students must be able to critically apply knowledge learned in problem solving and medical decision making.
Students are expected to think independently and honorably with maturity, empathy, and integrity. Students must demonstrate the emotional stability to function competently and professionally under times of stress and physically taxing working environments. Students must display flexibility and good judgment. Students must accept constructive feedback and demonstrate personal motivation and responsibility to implement positive change. Students must demonstrate cultural competence in all patient and professional encounters.
Students must adhere to the high ethical standards of the College and the PA Profession. Students must meet the legal standards and regulations to obtain licensure and practice medicine as a PA.

Physician Assistant Program Overview

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