Office of Facilities

The Office of Facilities serves Agnes Scott College’s campus and properties. Everything from landscaping for the quad, to the A/C units in individual rooms, is our joy and responsibility to maintain. We collaborate with local contractors for painting, pest control, HVAC, plumbing, and more to make your experience at Agnes Scott the best it can be. 

To ensure we provide the best service possible, the Office of Facilities is divided into several departments. These include: Avery Glen Apartments, Custodial Services, Events, and Maintenance. 

The Custodial Services department is run by our Assistant Director, Dewanda Henderson. Dewanda oversees the largest department, as we have individual custodians that oversee each building. Dewanda is assisted by our lead custodian, Wynetta Reid.

The Events department is run by our Logistics Manager, Rachael Hunter. Rachael has a background as a  theatre tech, with carpentry and welding experience. On top of assisting with lighting and sound for many special events, Rachael and her team ensure the right furniture is in place for every event on campus. In addition, Rachael’s team manages the majority of furniture on campus, whether a Scottie needs a new desk or a bed raised or a new employee needs a new office layout.

The Maintenance department is run by our Assistant Director, Aaron McMeans. His department includes carpentry, paint, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. Whether an office needs a fresh coat of paint or a residence hall has a light out, Aaron and his team make sure it’s done. They also work with Padgett Services to provide on-site, HVAC repairs and maintenance. They operate within our office, and provide assistance during the day and after-hours as needed.