Human activities change our planetary environment and resources on a scale that was previously unimaginable. Local, regional, and global organizations and governing bodies are assessing the impact and establishing new practices to preserve resources for the current and future generations. Environmental and sustainability studies is a unique interdisciplinary program that combines environmental studies and sustainability, encouraging students to think deeply and act on the challenges and solutions to the problems of the environment and its limitations, especially relating to human impact. Experiential learning is emphasized, with opportunities for student involvement in the sustainability effort on the Agnes Scott campus and off-campus internships.  

Requirements for the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor: 
Minimum of five courses; at least two of the courses in the minor must be at the 200-level or above. 

  • Natural Science (one course): BIO-108 or BIO-308 (for Biology majors) 
  • Social Science (one course): ANT-231, ECO-105 or POL-103 
  • Elective courses (two courses): ANT-231, BIO-215, BIO-308, CHE-210, ESS-202, ESS-331 (PH-331), ESS-450, PHI-109 (when environmental ethics is the topic), AST-150 (when the environment or sustainability is the topic), PH-101