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Steven R. Guthrie   Ph.D.

Steven R. Guthrie Ph.D.

Professor of English

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Academic Degrees

B.A., Antioch College
Ph.D., Brown University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Professor Guthrie teaches medieval literature, the history of the English language, American Indian literature, and the detective novel. His research focuses on Middle English and Old French Literature, historical linguistics, and modern medievalisms.

Professional Activities

Recent publications include as series of articles on modern uses and misuses of the Middle Ages, by American popular culture and by U.S. foreign and domestic policy. "That's So-o-o-o Medieval"; "Medievalism and Orientalism"; "Torture, Inquisition, Medievalism, Reality, TV"; and "Time Travel, Pulp Fictions, and Changing Attitudes Towards the Middle Ages: Why You Can't Get Renaissance on Somebody's Ass."

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