Think, Live, Engage (Intergroup Dialogue Series)

History and Purpose

Think, Live, Engage: An Intercultural Dialogue series is sponsored by the President’s Committee for Community Diversity and funded in part by the Liz Chandler Memorial Fund; Think, Live, Engage- or TLE- is an exciting opportunity for Agnes Scott students, faculty and staff to explore our intercultural connections and needs. The dialogues are designed to offer individuals strategic ways to engage in discussions related to a diverse range of topics connected with social identities (e.g., gender, class, faith, politics, sexuality, race, etc.). Participants are asked to commit to the program for four - six weeks.

Think Live Engage Logo

Program Goals

  • Increase opportunities for ASC community members to interact interculturally
  • Provide opportunities for ASC students to more fully engage the mission of the institution through active interaction in dialogues
  • Cultivate our students as “citizens of the world” by introducing the skills and awareness that are integral to their abilities to become future global leaders
  • Teach students to find consistent ways to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times
  • Assist faculty, staff and students by providing more opportunities for them to connect through sustained intellectual and social interaction

Past Topics Include

Spring 2017 Topics

  • Going for Gold: Woke Elitism and the Oppression Olympics: A discussion on activism, education, and issues connected to identity
  • Blue Bubble in a Red State: A discussion on beliefs, faith, and politics
  • #WasteTheirTime2017: Sexual Politics: A discussion on sex, policing, and respectability politics
  • A Seat at The Table: By Invitation Only?: A discussion for People of Color on identity (This group is for people who identify as people of color)
  • The White Person’s Burden: Myth or Reality?A discussion for White people on allyship (This group is for people who identify as White people)

Spring 2016 Topics

  • Making America Great Again: A discussion on political issues in the United States
  • Lip Injections, Contour Games, and Waist Trainers: Is There a New Standard of Beauty?A discussion on intersections of gender, race, class, and beauty norms.
  • Is The Fury Road Wheelchair Accessible?: Mad Max, Game of Thrones, and How Media Impacts Our View of Mental and Physical Disability:  A discussion on prejudice, race, and ability
  • I, Too, Have Hot Sauce in My Bag Swag: The Popularity of Black Culture and the Reality of Anti-Blackness: A discussion on popular culture and the representation and value of Black Identity in the media
  • Ace, Gray, and Demi: Let’s Talk About Sex When Sex Isn’t RequiredA discussion on sexuality, gender, and intersections of race
  • The Great Race Trade of 2016: Stacey Dash, Bobby Jindal, Raven Symone and Race in the USA discussion on colorblindness, internalized oppression, and identity

Spring 2015 Topics

  • Flawless Feminism: A discussion on Feminism, Womanism, and the Female Narrative
  • "I Can't Breathe": A discussion on race and the system of racism in modern-day America
  • "You Can't Say That!": A discussion on the ways that historically offensive words can be reclaimed and the ways in which language can be connected to identity
  • For My Beliefs Tell Me So: A discussion on the polarization or religion and sexuality
  • #ArmchairActivists: A discussion on the relationship between politics and the millennial voice
  • The Rise of Ratchet: A discussion on cultural appropriation in a transnational world

Spring 2013 Topics

  • Freedom of Speech: A discussion on being yourself in places where who you are might not be affirmed or validated
  • Life in a Photoshop World: A discussion about our bodies, how others influence our perception of ourselves and everything in between
  • Sticks and Stones: A discussion of the ways that “historically offensive” words, why they have meaning and how we learn to communicate
  • The Modern Madonna vs. The Jezebel Dichotomy: A discussion on our sexual beliefs, cultures, experiences and identities
  • Documenting Gender: A discussion of gender, what it means to identify one way or another and how this shapes our experiences

Spring 2012 Topics

  • Forbidden Relationships: A discussion of cultural biases and stereotypes related to dating and marriage
  • Colorism: A discussion of skin color, racial identity and the powerful dynamics that manifest in communities of color
  • White Privilege: A discussion on whiteness in American society considering the lived experiences of individuals who identify as white
  • Immigration: A discussion on American culture, the challenges of being an immigrant and the immigration system in the United States
  • Religion and Sexuality: A discussion on faith and sexual identity
  • Politics and Policy: A discussion on how one's political identity influences their perspectives on public policies