Gay Johnson McDougall Symposium on Race, Justice, and Reconciliation

The inaugural Gay Johnson McDougall Symposium on Race, Justice, and Reconciliation featured a series of programs that explored the historical origins and contemporary realities of global racial oppression, and strategies for justice and reconciliation in Spring 2014. This intersectional event occurs over the course of three days and provides participants with opportunities to discuss the intersections of -isms and develop the skills necessary to lay the groundwork for effective social change. The biennial Symposium is hosted in partnership with a number of campus partners and organizations in the Greater Atlanta area.

Past Programs Include

April 2016

  • "Legacies of Global Leadership: A Dialogue on Racial Inclusion and Justice and Dedication Ceremony 
  • Think Live Engage: An Intergroup Dialogue Series for Alumnae
  • Andrew Young's Making of Modern Atlanta featuring Keynote Speaker, Attorney Andrea Young
  • No More Stolen Lives: A Conversation on Police Brutality and Mass Incarceration with Stop Mass Incarceration Network Now Atlanta
  • From Flint, Michigan to Lahore, Pakistan: Unpacking Hashtags and How the Media Distorts Global Issues
  • The Atlanta Hungarian Festival at Agnes Scott College
  • The Fannie Lou Hamer Story: A Civil Rights Opera by Mary D. Watkins
  • Global Perspectives: Films that Educate (Wadjda, He Named Me Malala, and Dope)

April 2015

  • "Am I Feeling Myself?": The Influence of Commercial Hip Hop Videos on Black Males' and Females' Concepts of Self with Visiting Global Scholar Kim Dankoor
  • "We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement" with Full Professor and Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Georgia State University, Dr. Akinyele Umoja
  • "Love is What Justice Looks Like in Public: Collective Community Responses from the Frontlines of Sadness and Sorrow" with Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, Donna Lee
  • A Collective Undoing: Films that Educate (Babel, Schindler's List, and Fruitvale Station)

January 2014

  • Racial Oppression and Restorative Justice: An Interdisciplinary and Multigenerational Conversation 
  • Interfaith Reflection and Statement of Reconciliation
  • From Fruitvale Station to Pennsylvania Avenue: American Racial Politics and the Quest for Justice
  • Critical Incident Inventory: Strategies for Reconciliation