The Read: A Center Zine

Diversity Coordinators curate a monthly zine- The Read- that focuses on art, literature, pop culture, issues of social justice, diversity education, and media.

Zines are historically self-published and allow freedom for self-expression. Barnard College's Zine Library notes:

"I'm not even trying to be dramatic, but to the world at large, I am a freak. My voice is downplayed, ignored and/or made into a joke in the mass of verbal and physical disapproval that bombards me every day when I leave the safety of my house or make the stupid decision to read a newspaper, magazine or turn the television on. When I am out of my element, I am told that my very existence is wrong or problematic because I am a fat, queer, mentally ill, politically radical woman with very little money and little to no regard for beauty standards and so on and so forth. But you know what? I am so NOT SORRY. As long as myself and others are disrespected, invalidated, unsafe and ignored by the masses, my experiences, ideas and opinions need to be heard and I will keep on talking this shit and it is not going to be pretty. Besides, how else are these stories going to be documented? With the exception of the gay rights movement, these stories will most likely not be found in any future history books, and if they are, they will most likely be totally inaccurate. Now I know that this zine will not go much beyond the zine reading community, but this is where I have chosen to start and it's something which is always better than nothing."

-Jenny San Diego. Not Sorry, #3. April, 2005. Portland, Oregon.

Diversity Coordinators work together to collect relevant poetry, art, music, pop culture anecdotes, and literature to center community issues at Agnes Scott. All cover art for each (non digital) issue of The Read is designed by Victoria Kennedy, Class of 2019. Check back to see digital versions of The Read!

After downloading each Zine, you cant print the file using the "Booklet" feature with your printer!

The Read: Volume 1, Issue 1                                                  The Read: Volume 1, Issue 2

The Read A Center Zine Cover Art Vol 1   Cover of the 2nd Issue of The Zine

The Read: Volume 1, Issue 3                                  The Read: Special Edition Commemorating MLK Jr. and Coretta Scott King     

Cover of the Third Zine    Cover of the MLK Zine

The READ has gone digital! Check out the Fall 2019, Issue 4 by clicking below!