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Carlee Bishop

Carlee A. Bishop

Professor of Physics

Phone: 404.983.6099
Office Location: Bradley Observatory, Room 108

Academic Degrees

  • BS Electrical Engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy
  • MS Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • PhD Electrical Engineering, Auburn University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Experiential learning employing case studies, problem based learning and experimentation platforms focused on systems thinking, problem solving, and decision making for STEM related fields; the ethical use of technology and data; management of current and emerging technologies.

  1. Smartt, C., Bishop, C., Baier, F., "How Acquirers and Supplies can use Systems Engineering to Achieve Better Acquisition Results", Full Day Tutorial #28. INCOSE International Symposium, Washington DC, July 7-12, 2018.
  2. O’Brian, J., Chatel, N., Robison, G., Wasdyke, C., Bishop, C., “Autonomy in Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Unmanned Ground Vehicles”, General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference, West Point, NY, May 3, 2018.
  3. Bishop, C.A., Book Chapter 21: Systems Engineering Fundamentals (Loper, M.L., Editor), Modeling and Simulation in the Systems Engineering Lifecycle, Springer-Verlag Publishing, London, 2015)
  4. Berenbach, B., Bishop, C., "Systems Engineering Management Best Practices", Full Day Tutorial. INCOSE International Symposium, Seattle, WA, July 13-16, 2015.
  5. Broadwell, M., Bishop, C., McDermott, T., Shepard, C., “A Systems Approach to Military Airlift: Haiti Earthquake Disaster Workshop,” Military Airlift Conference, Sep 18-20, 2013, Brussels, Belgium.

Professional Activities

  • INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) member
  • CSEP (Certified Systems Engineering Professional)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) member
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