Community Day

Community Day 2018 – May 17th

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill

Improving our world is something we can all do by volunteering for a service project on community day. If you're new to the college, this is a special day dedicated to the service of others. Many of us volunteer on a regular basis, but now we're asking for you to step away from your normal work routine and spend a day with us. You'll be helping the community but also giving yourself the opportunity to see your co-workers in a new light. There's nothing like walking a homeless pet or helping rake leaves to open up opportunities to get to know someone better.

We, the committee members, feel like we're offering a wide range of possibilities. We've planned some familiar projects and a few new ones! If you’d rather stay on or close to campus, you can volunteer to help make cards for sick children or participate in several other nearby activities. Take a few minutes, click on the Projects link, then read the details on how to register. If you are willing to be a Project Leader, please let us know. We need one leader to organize each group that morning and coordinate travel to and from campus to the project location. The deadline to sign up for projects is Friday, May 11th, 2018. Please keep an indoor activity in mind in case of rain; you do not need to sign up for this. Please remember that this is for our ASC community members only and not your family.

We're looking forward to your participation on May 17th. If you were unable to join us last year, we hope you'll be able to spend time on one of these worthwhile projects for 2018. If you sign up and volunteer, please wear an Agnes Scott or Community Day t-shirt. 

A few new rules for this year:

  • You need to RSVP for a lunch wrist band. If you do not sign up you will have to wait until those with meal tickets have gone through the line.
  • If you do not sign up for a project BY May 11th, you will not receive prize tickets. Those who fully participate will be able to receive tickets for prizes.

Read about the morning projects being offered on the Projects page, and get signed up for everything on the Registration page.

Community Day is a zero waste event! Please make sure to bring a water bottle for morning activities. Recycling and composting bins will be accessible during breakfast and lunch and will be able to accommodate all items used throughout the day. If you feel inclined, we also encourage you to bring reusable cups for lunch! Staff will be on hand to facilitate. If you have any questions please contact the Office of Sustainability at or x6499.

If you are not able to participate in a service project in the morning, please join us in Evans Dining Hall for lunch.  You can RSVP with this link.

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If you would like to Donate to the Community Day Event, please click here.