Alumnae Spotlight

Elizabeth Schob

Elizabeth Schob '10

Upon graduation I lived in Seoul, SK for 3 years teaching English and was a teacher in the states for a year after that. Now, I am nearly through my Master of Science in Public Health program at UNC Charlotte where I am focusing on lobbying and advocacy work.

In 2015 I interned for the summer with the North Carolina Public Health Association and we did lobbying worth in the General Assembly in Raleigh and on Medicaid reform. Once I finish my degree, I plan to move to Washington, DC and work in public health advocacy. Majoring in Classics at ASC set me on the path to public health without realizing it because I fell in love with studying Roman and Greek medicine.

I didn't realize at the time, but I was essentially studying ancient public health because I was interested in how these people took care of themselves. For example, creating a system of aqueducts to transport freshwater for consumption and removal of wastewater was very important for the health of Rome's citizen's as was the grain distribution program to make sure the citizens were fed.