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Advancing Her Possibilities

Carolyn Stover Harvey '00, MA'20

Communications Consultant
Writing and Digital Communication

Carolyn Stover Harvey '00, MA'20

Carolyn Stover Harvey '00, MA' 20 Writing and Digital Communication Program

Carolyn Stover Harvey ’00, MA'20 a native of Bakersfield, California, first arrived at Agnes Scott after she was recruited to the college by her high school counselor, Hazel Ellis ’58. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies, she embarked upon a career in communications and held positions in different fields, including health care, business and technology. Harvey completed the Master of Arts in the writing and digital communication program in May 2020.

“In every job I’ve ever had, I’ve been hired because I’m a great communicator,” she says. “But even though I could demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and results, I didn't have the credentials to show employers I had the right skills to lead them on this new frontier.”

Harvey considered graduate school, but was unsure she wanted to pursue a strictly writing degree or business program. When she saw Agnes Scott’s program in writing and digital communication, it all clicked.

“I felt privileged to be able to continue my education where I started my education,” she relates. “Scotties are all so curious—we want to know a little about everything.I’m thrilled that has continued into graduate studies too.”

Harvey has enjoyed challenging herself in the program, especially in the area of digital art, which she never believed she could create.

“Because of my digital design class, I recognize that art is a process. Nothing’s going to turn out as good as it can be on the first try. It will take revisions. That is how I approach writing too.”

Harvey’s favorite project was the podcast module in the Digital Storytelling course. Because of that class, she is now developing her own podcast series. 

“This program reminded me how fun it is to be a student,” she adds. “Taking risks is something that isn't always encouraged in the business world, but in school, it’s all a big experiment. Once I reframed my mindset, I was able to really enjoy this special time in my life.

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