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Jaunice Vega

Jaunice Vega

Admission Counselor

Phone: 404.471.6136

Counselor To: Domestic Transfer Students, Nontraditional Students, High School Students

Territories: Georgia 2 (Fulton County); New York and New Jersey; and all domestic transfer and nontraditional students

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Entrepreneurship from Muhlenberg College

I've been a Scottie since: July 2022

Name your favorite...

Atlanta activity: Going to Fetch Dog Park with my 1 year old chocolate Labrador!

Decatur restaurant: Arepa Mia

Agnes Scott tradition: Senior Investiture

Book or movie: My Favorite Movie is Dream Girls

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? I would love to grant everyone one wish! I love gifts but I also love giving back to my community and empowering others to achieve their goals/ dreams.  Being able to grant one wish to someone can maybe set them up for a lifetime.

Advice for prospective students:  Create a list of what you want and need for your future institution! This is so important and will set you up for success when you are traveling to different campuses. Ask all the tough questions and be honest with yourself: “Do you see yourself here for the next four years? And are you going to be emotionally, socially, and financially happy?”

Text me at 678.269.7276

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