Testing Accommodations

*Please note for the Spring 2021 Semester all tests will be virtual and administered by instructors.  Students with extended test time accommodations should still submit the Test Request Form 5 business days prior to each test so that OAE staff can send a reminder email to faculty to adjust your test time in Canvas. Students who take a test without their extended test time will not be able to retake the test.*

Scheduling Tests with Accommodations

Students approved for testing accommodations may make arrangements directly with their instructor or request tests to be administered by the Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education. Requests for administration through the office should be made at least 5 business days in advance of the test. Late test requests will be processed as received but students are strongly encouraged to submit test requests as soon as possible. 

To schedule a test through the office, students should complete the TEST REQUEST FORM

Test Times & Scheduling Adjustments

Tests should be scheduled on the same day and close to the same time as the class test date unless there are timing conflicts due to extended test time. If there are schedule conflicts such as a class immediately after the one for which the test is requested making extending the time difficult, our office will work with the student to schedule a start time earlier or arrange a time later in the day to take the test. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, so all tests should be taken and completed during office hours. 

Taking Test with Accommodations

The day of the test students are to report to Buttrick G-15 at their scheduled time. The Office of Academic Advising and Accessible Education will give out the test and direct the student to Buttrick G-23 (our testing room). Students are to leave all personal items in the office; purses, backpacks, cell phones, etc. while taking their tests.  Testing time will start at the time the test is scheduled.  Students who arrive late to a test may not adjust their end time for the test, so students are encouraged to arrive on time to take tests. Upon completion of the test, the student is to turn it in to Buttrick G-15, where it will be stored until the instructor comes to retrieve it for grading.

Missed Tests and No Shows

If a student is unable to take an examination due to extenuating circumstances or an emergency, the student is responsible for notifying the instructor immediately and should copy the Director of Accessible. It is the student's responsibility to reschedule examinations or to request adjustments to testing times. Each course instructor determines the policy regarding missed tests, make up options, etc.  The Office of Academic Advising & Accessible Education can not administer make-up tests without the instructor's permission. 

Alternative Testing Accommodation Arrangements with Faculty

Students may find that it is helpful to have immediate access to faculty during tests for questions.  Students can work directly with instructors for testing accommodations as well.  The instructor can reserve a separate room close to the class for an accommodation, so they are available for questions during the test.  Please contact the Director of Accessible Education if you need assistance in coordinating this option.