Course Accessibility Letter Request

Students registered with the Office of Accessible Education are required to submit Course Accessibility Letter Requests at the beginning of each semester so that Accommodations information is sent to instructors.  Once students submit the Course Accessibility Letter in AIM an email will be sent to each course instructor that contains a copy of Accommodations and other relevant accessibility-related information.  Please see below for instructions on how to submit the Course Accessibility Letter Request. Click here for a Guide that includes Screen Shots. 

1.Log-in to the AIM Student Database by using your ASC user name and password. 

2.Navigate to ‘Select Accommodations for Your Class,’ tab

3.You should now see a list of your enrolled courses. If you do not see one or more of your courses, please contact OAE

4. Select each course in which you are requesting accommodations. Then, click the button “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”

5. For each course, select all of the accommodations that you are requesting. This checkbox feature allows you to create customized letters for each course! When finished, click the button “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.”

6. The letters will be emailed to you and your instructor(s). You may also choose to download a PDF copy of the letter by selecting the course from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, then selecting "Generate PDF." Downloading a PDF copy is optional. If you have any concerns with this information being shared with instructors via email, please speak with an OAE staff member.

7. The Next step is meeting with your instructors to discuss how accommodations will be implemented in your courses.  During this meeting, you are not expected to disclose any details concerning your disability, though you may discuss these details at your discretion.