Meet the Coordinator

Su Myat Thu'13

Su Myat Thu’13 is a newly minted graduate of Agnes Scott and is happy to be back to the CWS as the coordinator! An international student, Su Myat came from Burma to Agnes five years ago and started working as a tutor since her sophomore year. She majored in psychology and particularly enjoys tutoring papers and speeches from literature, sociology, anthropology, creative nonfiction, and anything to do with discourse analysis. As the coordinator, Su Myat works with the CWS staff team on tutor training, campus outreach programs, annual research on CWS work, events planning, publicity and media, and day-to-day management of the center. As her long-term plan, she wants to get a PhD in rhetoric and composition and become a teacher of writing. Outside of CWS, she spends her time doing personal reading, cooking or thinking about a new place to travel.