Forms & Tools


  • Intent to Submit Form When you've decided to submit a proposal; must be circulated as early in the process as possible. 
  • Effort Certification Form Effort certification is completed four times per year. See our policies page for more information on effort.
  • Computer Purchases on Grants Must be submitted to OSP prior to any computer purchases with grant funds.
  • You must use the Technology Purchasing Form for any technology purchases on grants. These purchases must be coordinated through our ITS department.
  • Salary Waiver Form You will be asked to sign this form and send it to HR when it is time for OSP to help you put a budget together for a proposal.
Research Violations Reporting Please use this form to report any violations you have witnessed involving either Animal Care & Use, Human Subjects, or Misconduct in Research.
Accounting forms 

Please use the forms below for payment of invoices, travel reimbursements, and funds transfers. If you are unsure which form to use, please ask OSP.

  • Funds transfer forms: Use these forms to transfer line items from one account to another. If either account is a grant account, you must use the OSP form below. 

 Funds transfer policy
 11/12 acct funds transfer form
 14/15/16/17 funds transfer form

  • ACH (direct deposit reimbursement) forms: Use these forms if you are requesting a reimbursement for yourself or an ASC employee and already have direct deposit established with accounting

 11/12 (undesignated/designated) ACH form
 14/16/17 (federal grants) ACH form
 15 (non-federal grants) ACH form

  • Check request forms: Use these forms to request payment to a vendor by the college, i.e. to pay an invoice for lab supplies.

11/12 (undesignated/designated) check request form
14/16/17 (federal grants) check request form
15 (non-federal grants) check request form

  • Travel forms

Use the Sponsored Programs Travel authorization form to request travel using grant funds
Use the Sponsored Programs Travel reimbursement form for all travel reimbursement requests from grant funds
Traveling on a grant? Please see this important memo about detailed receipts for reimbursement