Orientation Council Spotlight

Shekinah Phillips

Shekinah Phillips '15

Major: Biology and Spanish

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

What is it like to go to a women’s college?

To attend a women’s college is truly a different culture. Being exposed to women from diverse background is very intriguing and empowering. Usually when women are associated with each other, it is automatically labeled as competition. However at Agnes Scott College, there is a sense of encouragement and empowerment.

What do you value most about ASC?

What I most value about ASC is its ability to connect women from all over the world and bring them all to one campus for one purpose-to change the world.

Tell us about a memorable Agnes Scott experience.

A memorable Agnes Scott experience was my first move-in day and of course, I had jitters and was nervous of what was in store, but everyone at Agnes was so welcoming, warm and made me feel proud of the decision that I made.