Immigration and Employment

It is extremely important for international students to maintain their immigration status while in the United States. Failure to maintain the terms and conditions of F-1 status may be grounds for removal from the United States and may cause difficulty re-entering the United States in the future.

The law is taken very seriously in the United States. When you sign the Student Certification on your I-20 or the Exchange Visitor Certification on your DS-2019, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of your admission. It is, therefore, your responsibility to know and comply with the U.S. immigration regulations that affect you. Your friends and other students will offer you information as to what you can and cannot do. Sometimes they are right, but sometimes they are not.  

Read the pages below to learn more about immigration procedures.

When to Consult with the CGL

F-1 Status

J-1 Status


Renewing a Visa

Internships & Employment

Transferring Schools

Immigration Resources