Agnes Scott College Awarded $2.7 Million Grant to Support Postgraduate Success

Agnes Scott College has been awarded a $2.715 million grant from The Goizueta Foundation to support “Positioning Students for Success through Discovery, Exploration and Connection.” This will enhance SUMMIT—the college’s signature experience—by prioritizing postgraduate success for all students, which has been identified as a collegewide goal.

With this funding from The Goizueta Foundation, all Agnes Scott students can more confidently and knowledgeably take advantage of the full breadth of opportunity afforded by a liberal arts education. Specific activities will include digital skills bootcamps via the college’s Center for Digital and Visual Literacy; increased access to career coaching and on-demand, interactive, personalized career assistance; guaranteed applied or experiential learning for students across all disciplines with fully integrated professional development; and speakers and events designed to provide students interaction with nationally-known role models, local leaders and alumnae from various fields to help them envision their own postgraduate success. Additionally, funding will support the implementation of Sophomore Class Atlanta Leadership Experience (SCALE), which is currently piloting and will fully launch in 2022. SCALE will provide students with opportunities to apply the learning from their leadership curriculum and explore hands-on experiences in Atlanta-area organizations. This real-world experience will come at a critical collegiate juncture—as students prepare to declare their majors.

Additionally, this program will strengthen the professional preparation, confidence, knowledge of career options and career readiness of underserved populations—such as first-generation college students and Pell grant-eligible students—who are more likely to need funding for internships and access to professional communities. It will also serve employers in the state of Georgia, as roughly 50 percent of Agnes Scott graduates remain in the state, and will support the goals of the region relative to educating and enhancing social mobility for women.

“SUMMIT has been truly transformative for Agnes Scott and its students,” said Agnes Scott College President Leocadia I. Zak. “We are proud to be recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the No.1 Most Innovative liberal arts college in the country for the second year in a row and the No. 2 Top Performer for Social Mobility. This grant will allow us to continue our innovative and transformative approach to liberal arts education.”

The Goizueta Foundation has generously supported Agnes Scott and SUMMIT in the past. The new emphasis on postgraduate success amplifies the shared values and strategic priorities of these two organizations and demonstrates the power of working together to create positive change.

 “With its focus on global learning and leadership development, SUMMIT has redefined a liberal arts education, offering students a unique academic experience that sets them on the path of success in their careers and in the world,” said Zak. “I am extremely excited by and appreciative of The Goizueta Foundation’s investment in our work, and I am thrilled about the positive and long-lasting impact their philanthropy will have for our students.”

Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times. Students are drawn to Agnes Scott by its excellent academic reputation, exceptional faculty and metropolitan Atlanta location—offering myriad social, cultural and experiential learning opportunities. This highly selective liberal arts college is known for its diverse and dynamic intellectual community. Through SUMMIT, it provides every student, regardless of major, with an individualized course of study and co-curricular experiences that develop leadership abilities and understanding of complex global dynamics.