Who Will You Become with a Liberal Arts Degree in Music?

Can I really get a good job with a liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree in music gives you a distinct advantage in a variety of professions. 

Women with broad educational experience in liberal arts tend to advance faster because they have analytical, communications, and leadership skills, not simply training in a specialty area. A liberal arts education is the difference between “being trained” and “being educated.” 

Employers find the richness of a liberal arts education develops the whole person, making it possible for liberal arts graduates to do many things well. 

Not surprisingly, our alumnae often go on to pursue graduate degrees at institutions such as UCLA, Harvard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, University of Georgia and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Agnes Scott music majors have a wide range of careers, from music ministry to teaching; from manager of arts planning for the National Arts Center Orchestra in Ottawa, Canada, to flutist and recording artist with the Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble in Boston; from entertainment lawyer to artistic director of the Atlanta Youth Choir; from social worker to policy director for global aids programming at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.