Research Projects in Mathematics

2021 — Deliiah Freeman, Grace Krahm (Alan Koch)
The Search for Integer Boxes
2020 — Morgan Gallaher, Yunfan Guan, Skye Yang (Alan Koch)
The Chicken McNugget problem
2020 — Laura Stordy (Alan Koch)
Fixed-point-free abelian endomorphisms and the Yang-Baxter equation
2019 — Chelsea Funk (Alan Koch)
An examination of recursive sequences modulo p
2019 — Audrey Goodnight and Laura Stordy (Alan Koch)
Braces and the Yang-Baxter equation
2018 — Audrey Goodnight and Laura Stordy (Alan Koch)
Braces and their opposites
2018 — Huiming Zhang (Alan Koch and Lock Rogers)
Why are peacocks' tails as long as they are?
2018 — Laura Stordy and Audrey Goodnight (Alan Koch)
Sink your teeth into algebra: left braces on 2p Elements!
2017 — Katy Brooke, Chelsea Funk, Audrey Goodnight, Huiming Zhang (Alan Koch)
An examination of the cyclic nature of last digits in recurrence relations
2017 — Emily Bryans (Alan Koch and Lock Rogers)
The dating game: mathematics meliorates mating
2017 — Emily Piff (Alan Koch)
p-adic geometry in two dimensions
2017 — Carson Shore
Comparative analytics and projected savings models in the Center for Sustainability
2017 — Estephania Hernandez and Sara Sloman (Rachel Bayless)
Dynamics, Ecology, and Games. Oh My!
2017 — Alexa Chang, Isabelle Eiden, and Alicia Bukowski (Alan Koch)
The Search for Odd Perfect Numbers
2016 — Audrey Goodnight and Kayleigh McCrary (Rachel Bayless)
Dynamics of cyclic systems
2016 — Tecora Lawrence (Alan Koch)
Brocard's problem, Brown numbers and generalizations
2016 — Katy Brooke, Denisse Saucedo, and Cassie Xu (Alan Koch)
Second-order linear recurrence relations and periodicity
2016 — Biru Tang (Alan Koch)
Recursive sequences mod p2
2015 — Albertha Sabree (Alan Koch)
Order bounded group valuations on GL2(Fp)
2013 — Meina Zhou (Alan Koch)
The longest period of a sequence defined by a second-order linear recursion
2013 — Gabrielle O'Brien (Alan Koch)
Lines with p-adic Valuation
2012 — Shan Shan (Alan Koch)
Periodicity of third-order linear recurrence sequences
2011 — Chan Jin (Alan Koch)
A Class of Commutative Matrices modulo a Prime
2010 — Chuya Guo (Alan Koch)
The Period Function of a Generalized Fibonacci Sequence
2009 —Sujin Headrick (Alan Koch)
Some Regular Subgroups of Sp2
2006 — Catherine Crompton (Alan Koch)
Some Geometry of the p-adic Rationals
2004 — Audrey Powers (Alan Koch)
Order Bounded Group Valuations
2002 — Stela Anguelova (Chris Moseley)
A Study of Differential Geometry and Topology. Proof of the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem for Surfaces in R3
1999 — Christy Jenkins (Larry Riddle)
Fractal Tilings in the Plane
1998 — Sarah Thieling (Olga Yiparaki)
Parent-Teacher Conferences: A Scheduling Problem
1995 — Karen Shuman (Olga Yiparaki)
Set Theoretic Topology
1994 — Laylage Courie (Dan Waggoner)
Consistency and Undecidability: Axiomatic Systems and the Foundations of Mathematics
1993 — Chen Song (Dan Waggoner)
A Study of Real Projective Space
1993 — Meredith Jolly (Larry Riddle)
A Study of Chaos: Economic Applications of the Logistic Function
1992 — Laura Shaeffer (Robert Leslie)
A Study of Theory and Topics in Operations Research
1990 — Sue Tourville (Dan Waggoner)
An Investigation of the Cantor Set and Cantor-Like Sets
1990 — Marsha Michie (Larry Riddle)
Behavior of One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems: Chaos and Sarkovskii's Theorem