Phones & Mail

If you want to buy a new cell phone, buying one along with a service plan directly from the company whose service you will use can get you a huge discount. Some phones are offered only together with the service, making them significantly cheaper than their original price. 

Cell Phone Service Plans
Most cellular phone service providers offer contract calling plans (you sign a contract agreeing to pay a monthly fee for a certain length of time, often two years) as well as prepaid plans (you pay a fee a month in advance and can terminate the service anytime you like). There are a variety of plans in each category to match different budgets and calling habits. Many international students find prepaid plans more attractive because contract calling plans may not be a good value unless you sign a 2-year contract. Also, some companies require that you have credit history in the United States and/or a Social Security number. Whether signing up for a contract or prepaid plan, some Scotties choose to go in together and get a family plan, which can save money.

Before purchasing, research the phone companies and plans on the internet or visit stores in person. You could also ask other Scotties for suggestions, particularly once you are assigned a dorm room; some signals are better than others in certain areas.

Cell phone providers in the area:
AT&T, 245 W East Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite A, (404) 378-3737
MetroPCS, 410 Church St, (404) 373-0608    
Sprint, 1209 Caroline St, Suite 110, (404) 344-2744
T-Mobile, 2871 North Decatur Rd, Suite A, (404) 297-8100
Verizon Wireless, 650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Suite 660 B, (404) 685-8308

Stores that carry a variety of providers:
Best Buy, 1210 Caroline St NE, (404) 827-0137
Radio Shack, 32 South Dekalb Mall, (404) 243-4434
Wal-Mart, 2427 Gresham Rd SE, (404) 244-3034

International Calling Tools
For free or cheap rates to call internationally, look at tools such as SkypeGoogle Talk and Rebtel

Calling Cards
Another option for making international calls is to purchase a prepaid international phone card. You can find them online or at a variety of locations, including grocery and convenient stores. An online option is Be sure to check the rates and details of the card before buying it. Many companies start subtracting “minutes” each day after the first day that you use the card.

Agnes Scott’s Information Technology Services (ITS), located on the ground floor of Walters Hall, will have your free email account ready for you when you arrive. Contact them for information on how to access your email and the internet, as well as any other issues regarding computers. Make sure you check your Agnes Scott College email messages often—you never know when you’ll have an important message from a professor. You will also want to use your ASC email rather than your personal email to communicate with professors.

You can send and receive letters and packages at the Agnes Scott Post Office. It is located in the Alston Campus Center and open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Letter and package mail is available through the U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. International mail requiring special attention can be processed through the U.S. Post Office in Decatur. 

You will be assigned your own campus student mailbox. Please instruct your family and friends to send mail to you directly to your assigned mailbox as follows:
Your Name
Agnes Scott College Box #____
141 E. College Ave.
Decatur, GA 30030-3770 U.S.A.

You may send and receive personal fax messages at Office Services in the Alston Campus Center (behind the Post Office). You will need a calling card for long distance numbers. Ask the office staff for more information. To receive fax messages, make sure you give your family and friends your name and telephone number. Office Services will call you when you receive a fax if your telephone number is on the faxed documents.