Your Home Away from Home
You will live in one of the six residence halls that provide a living environment for about 700 students. Most of the rooms are double occupancy. Each residence hall has a Resident Director (R.D.), a student who oversees the building and its residents. Upon your arrival, you will be issued your room key and an outside door key. Each floor of each residence hall has a Resident Assistant (R.A.). An R.A. is a student who can assist you with concerns you may have in the hall or on campus throughout the year.

Each residence hall room contains a bed, dresser, closet, desk and chair for each student. You will need to provide your own towels and bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases). You can either bring these items with you or purchase them upon arrival. Each residence hall has washers and driers.

Electrical Outlets
Standard voltage in the United States is 110/120 volts, 60 cycles AC. Before bringing any appliances from your home country, check the voltage ratings marked on them. If they are designed for the European electrical system (220 volts), you may need a transformer and plug adapter (available at most electronic stores) so you can plug the appliance into the U.S. outlet. It is recommended that you purchase any small appliances you may need once you arrive in the United States.

Housing During Summer and Holidays
Students are allowed to stay on campus through holidays and summer vacation if needed. During holidays, the dining hall is closed, so students in residence halls will need to make other arrangements for meals. During the summer vacation, campus housing costs about $600 per month. Campus housing during the summer is subject to availability. Whereas housing is free during the national holidays, students will be charged a housing fee of $195 for the winter break. Arrangements with the Office of Residence Life should be made in advance for accommodation during these breaks.

Important Housing Rules
For the safety, comfort and health of all students, the College has established several policies regarding hall residents. A very important rule pertains to the possession and consumption of alcohol. According to U.S. law, if you are under 21 years of age, you are not allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages. This applies to campus as well. If you are 21 or older, you may consume alcohol in designated areas if you choose to. Consult the Agnes Scott College Student Handbook for a detailed statement of the alcohol policy.

Another important residence hall regulation concerns male visitors. It is not considered inappropriate here for students to have male friends or boyfriends over in their rooms. Different halls have different parietals, or hours during which a male may be in your hall. These will be posted in your residence hall, or you may ask your R.A. or R.D. No first-year residence halls have overnight parietals for the first semester, though you can choose this option for second semester. After your first year, you can choose to live in a hall with or without parietals.

Other regulations will be explained during Orientation. A full explanation is also printed in the Agnes Scott College Student Handbook, which you will receive during orientation.