Learning Outside of the Classroom

ASC Center for Writing & Speaking
The Center for Writing & Speaking assists students with written and oral assignments. Writing Center tutors are available to help with many disciplines in addition to English, and some courses have tutors specifically assigned to that class. Tutors can assist students in many ways, from forming ideas about a paper to its completion, and at any stage in between. You can make an appointment with the tutor of your choice simply by signing your name to the schedule at the desk downstairs, in the McCain Library.

The Speaking Center specializes in improving students’ oral communication skills through the use of student tutors. It provides Accent Reduction, helps individuals with class presentation, and conducts workshops on Public Speaking. You can schedule yourself at the desk downstairs, in the McCain Library.

If you have any questions, contact Christine S. Cozzens, director of the Center for Writing & Speaking, at ccozzens@agnesscott.edu or (404) 471-6242.

Special Opportunities
ASC offers its students a variety of curricular and co-curricular programs on and off campus, such as internships, externships, domestic and international exchange programs, and study tours. For internship requirements and procedures, contact Office of Internships and Career Development. For more information about ASC programs abroad, contact the Office of International Education. Before applying for a special opportunity, however, make sure that you are authorized to participate without jeopardizing your F-1 or J-1 student status.