Scholarships and Financial Aid

This page provides a list of some of the most popular scholarships for study abroad, as well as information on financial aid, fundraising ideas, scholarships and grants for post-graduation, and databases for searching for even more funding opportunities. There are a wide variety of scholarships and awards out there for study abroad experiences, and there are various different eligibility requirements and deadlines for each one, so it is important to carefully research which ones you may qualify for, and note the deadline by which you must apply.

Awards at Agnes Scott

Center for Global Learning Awards and Departmental Awards

Agnes Scott College and the Summit - Center for Global Learning place a high value on study abroad experiences, and are proud to provide multiple funding opportunities for students intending to study abroad. These awards come from various departments, offices and generous donors to the college, and have a variety of criteria for eligibility. Award recipients may be determined by need, merit, location of program, length of program, or subject of study, depending upon the award.

Applications for study abroad awards are available each year in the beginning of Spring semester and are due in mid-February. These awards are for students planning to study abroad on an independent program for the upcoming Summer or Fall or Spring of the next academic year (this means you have to plan ahead!). Students must submit the award application by the stated deadline if they want to be considered for study abroad awards. 

Visit Carta HERE to view deadline or complete application

*Students applying to or participating in some of the college's Global Study Tours or other faculty-led programs (separate from First-Year Journeys programs) may have opportunities to apply for funding separately during the individual program application process, and are not eligible for these awards.

Please note that First-Year Journeys programs are at almost no additional cost to students (besides passport and any vaccinations or visa), and therefore are not eligible for additional awards from Agnes Scott.

Outside Awards 

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

This scholarship is for federal Pell grant recipients only. It encourages students to choose nontraditional study abroad destinations, especially those outside of Western Europe and Australia, and supports students who have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. This includes but is not limited to: community college students, students in underrepresented fields such as the sciences and engineering, students of diverse ethnic backgrounds, students with disabilities, students who identify as LGBT and students of nontraditional age. Up to $5,000 for study abroad programs 4 weeks + or in more than one country. Must be U.S. citizen undergraduate. Additional $3,000 available to those studying a Critical Need Language. 

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships
Boren Scholarships and Fellowships are funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), which focuses on geographic areas, languages and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security. Students must be enrolled in an intensive language program with preferred languages including, but not limited to, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Hindi. Students participating in longer programs (i.e. an academic year or a semester + a summer) will be given preference. Students must exhibit a strong desire to work for the US government during their career in the Boren application. While there is no minimum GPA required to apply to Boren, generally only academically strong applicants will be successful. Covers the cost of your study abroad program (including tuition & fees). Must be a U.S. citizen. Preference is given to students going abroad for 1 year, but semester and summer programs are eligible (minimum of 8 weeks abroad). Within 3 years of graduation the recipients must work for one year in the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, State, or Intelligence Community.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship
This fellowship for college seniors or recent graduates (who have not started graduate studies) allows students to spend a year interning in Washington, D.C. with the Carnegie Foundation.

Diversity Abroad Scholarship
$750. Eligible students are economically disadvantaged, 1st generation undergraduates, or from a minority population.

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships (FEA)
General and dedicated scholarships up to $10,000. Must be US citizen or permanent resident. Minimum 4-week program duration. Work to support education abroad on campus. Preference given to programs that include language and/or sustainable service-learning components. Preference given to non-traditional destination.

Dedicated FEA scholarships include:

  • Rainbow Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded to a deserving LGBTQI student who aims to participate in a high-quality, rigorous education abroad program. This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of a group of international education professionals who are committed to advocating on behalf of LGBTQI students. These professionals counsel international and study abroad LGBTQI students and support their LGBTQI colleagues in the field. Many of these educators have come together through groups created with the support of NAFSA and the Forum for Education Abroad.

  • Athletes Abroad Scholarship
    FEA’s Athlete Abroad Scholarship is available to applicants who are student-athletes (club, intramural, or varsity) participating in any program or subject that confers credits toward degree completion.

Go Overseas Scholarships
A wide variety of scholarships, both general and country-specific, for study, teaching or volunteering abroad. Awards typically are up to $1,000, but also include some $15,000 and $25,000 awards.

Golden Key Scholarship
$1,000. Undergraduate award based on academic merit and relevance of study abroad to field of study.

LEXIA International Scholarships
$1,500. Based on need and academic standing.

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship

This very competitive and prestigious fellowship provides undergraduate and graduate funding to participants as they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the Foreign Service with the United States Department of State. The fellow must commit to pursuing a graduate degree in international studies and is obligated to a minimum of four and a half years service in an appointment as a foreign service officer.

Program Provider Scholarships

Many study abroad providers have their own scholarships and aid. Check your program provider for scholarships. A sample of providers are below, but there are many more available.


Region Specific Scholarships

Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan
Bridging Scholarships are intended to assist US undergraduate students studying in Japan. Recipients receive a stipend of $2,500 (for semester-long programs) or $4,000 (for academic year programs). Students studying in Japan on summer programs are not eligible to apply. Any field of study is eligible and Japanese language is not a prerequisite.

DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship for Germany
This scholarship provides funding for study, thesis research and/or internships in Germany for one semester to one year for undergraduate students from the U.S. and Canada. Preference will be given to students whose projects or programs are based at and organized by a German university. Scholarships are available either as part of an organized study abroad program or as part of an individual, student-designed study abroad semester or year.

LIVFund Scholarship
Two $500 Scholarships for programs in Latin America. Short- and long-term programs eligible. Award recipients required to blog while abroad.

Study in Australia
Database of scholarships for students studying abroad in Australia

Freeman-ASIA Scholarship
Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) provides scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia.

Language Specific Scholarships

Annette Kade Scholarship
For students studying on an ISEP program in a French or German speaking country. Scholarships are limited and vary in amount from $1,000-$2,000.

U.S. Department of Education Fulbright-Hays Project Abroad Scholarship for Programs in China
This scholarship program provides funding to students who intend to continue advanced studies in Chinese language and pursue a career in academia or public affairs following their semester or year abroad in China or Taiwan. Applicants must have completed two years, or the equivalent, of college-level Mandarin Chinese language training by the beginning of the program.

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program
U.S Department of State funded overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students, with the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and building relationships between the people of the United States and other countries.

Scholarships for Graduate Studies

Fulbright Fellowship
Study, research, and/or teaching assistantships abroad in all fields for one academic year. Available to both U.S. citizens and incoming foreign students.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Graduate study at Cambridge University in all fields.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship
Graduate study in Ireland and Northern Ireland in all fields for one year.

Marshall Scholarship
Graduate study in the United Kingdom in all fields for two years. 

NSEP Graduate International Fellowships
Awards range from $12,000-$30,000. Minimum of one semester abroad

Rhodes Scholarship
Graduate study at Oxford University in all fields. 

Rotary Global Grant
Graduate study abroad in one of six areas of focus: peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy or economic and community development.

Financial Aid

Federal and State Financial Aid
Agnes Scott students who have successfully completed the study abroad approval process through the Center for Global Learning will be eligible to continue to receive federal financial aid (including grants and loans) and state financial aid while participating in ASC-approved study abroad programs during the academic year only. This includes International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) and other ASC Exchanges. For students on Non-ASC programs, only federal aid applies. Work study is not applicable to study abroad experiences. The director of financial aid determines student eligibility.

Agnes Scott Institutional Scholarships and Grants
Eligible students selected to participate in semester or year-long ISEP or select ASC Exchange programs identified and approved by the Center for Global Learning will continue to receive merit scholarships and grants awarded by the college while studying abroad for up to two semesters. Eligible students selected to participate in approved Non-ASC programs will continue their use of Federal and outside aid during the semester they are abroad, and will continue their use of institutional aid when they return for classes on Agnes Scott campus.

More Resources for Funding Study Abroad

Local Organizations
Look for local heritage groups or language associations related to the country you are visiting or to your own personal heritage. You can also approach local businesses or foundations that you and your family have patronized or been part of and ask them to make a donation to your studies.


Scholarship and Award Search Engines

Paying for Your Study Abroad Experience
Planning, budgeting, identifying study abroad costs, finding study abroad awards, and more!