Sophomore Year - Sophomore Class Atlanta Leadership Experience (SCALE)



From the classroom to the boardroom during their sophomore year, students transform classroom learning into real-life experiences in professional settings. During Peak Week, all second-year students apply the concepts learned in their Leadership Development class by choosing from a range of professional settings in and around Atlanta that relate to their intended major. In these leadership immersion experiences, students intern at nonprofits, community organizations, and corporations that provide them with hands-on learning and allows them to deepen their knowledge, build career literacy and equip themselves for post-graduate success. 

Through SCALE, student teams will start with 3 days of academic preparation with faculty followed by 4-day immersions where they will participate in leadership development, observe leadership in action, analyze organizational challenges, and provide assessments of organizational challenges. A final day will be spent returning to teaching faculty to reflect on and integrate the learning.  

This 1-credit interdisciplinary course will be taught by faculty from multiple disciplines and supported by staff from the  Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service and the Office of Internship and Career Development.