Siuloong Englander

Ssiuloong-englander-photo_small.jpgiuloong (she/her/hers) is a sophomore going into her first semester at the CWS. Her love for reading, writing, and literary analysis drove her to become an English Literature major. She aspires to move back to New York and go into the publishing field as an editor after college. These two things, along with how much the CWS helped her grow as a writer and speaker during her first year at Agnes, are what inspired her to become a tutor this year. She was born and raised in Manhattan, New York and misses city life a lot when at Agnes. Despite not venturing into Atlanta very often during her first year, she hopes to do so more frequently this coming year to explore. She did a lot of biking this summer around Manhattan and is excited to bike around Decatur this semester. On-campus, she spends a lot of time studying for French and working on her homework assignments in the Alston Campus Center, bingeing Netflix in bed, or walking back and forth from CVS to get gummy bears and microwaveable popcorn. She is most experienced in helping edit the final draft of literature papers but looks forward to helping her peers in all subjects and stages.