When is Peak Week?

  • Peak Week is March 8 through March 15

What are some of the Global  Journeys destinations for the 2019-2020 school-year?

  • Belize, Benin, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, Ghana and many more. See the full list here.

Where can I find more information on Global Journeys?

  • Find more information on Global Journeys here.

When is SCALE?

  • During Peak Week, students will meet as sections with their professors for two days (March 8-9) before fanning out in teams into their leadership immersion experience at their organization March 10-13 to gain hands-on experience in professional communication, participate in leadership development, observe leadership in action, analyze organizational challenges, and provide assessments of organizational challenges.  Students will then come back together with their class sections on March 14. Full participation in all dates are needed in order to successfully complete the course.

How do I register and get placed at an organization for SCALE?

  • Because this is a 1-credit academic course, students who wish to participate will need to both register through AscAgnes (LDR 201) and complete the placement form.  Teams of 3-5 students will be matched with organizations in early November and notified in December. Spots for this course are limited; if demand exceeds capacity, preference will be given on a first-come, first-enrolled basis. Students must both complete the placement form AND register for the course via AscAgnes in order to receive consideration, but the date of the placement form will be used if a wait-list is needed. 

Where can I find the placement form to sign-up for SCALE and apply to be a SCALE Leader? 

  • The placement form can be found here.