Technology Tips

AKA: How to make your presentation work and look the way you want it to
  1. PowerPoint

    If you are showing a PowerPoint with your presentation, you must save your file ahead of time in a special SpARC folder created on the Moodle SpARC site (see instructions below) or on a flash drive. The SpARC Moodle link is

  2. The computers in Bullock are all PCs and loaded with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. If your presentation was created using Keynote you will need to export it as a PowerPoint; be sure to check for any formatting changes when you do this.  To avoid any formatting problems or inconsistencies, check your presentation in advance on the computer in your specified room.

  3. If your PowerPoint has embedded audio or video, you will not be able to save it to the Moodle SpARC site classroom folder. Instead please save your PowerPoint and audio/video/animation files to a thumb drive and bring it to your presentation. IMPORTANT! All audio, video and pictures must be saved in the same folder as your PowerPoint if you want the movies to display. Check your presentation in advance on the computer in your specified room. If you need assistance putting together your multimedia project or inserting video, you can make an appointment with Emily Gwynn (x6313) in the Technology Production Studio (McCain Library, G-43).

  4. You may also connect your personal laptop to the presentation system in the room. If you have a Mac you will need to bring a presentation adapter or arrange for Media Services to include one in the room.  This ensures efficiency on the day of the conference; any time that you must spend loading your file will cut into your presentation time.  Various adapters are available for checkout at McCain Library.  


How to Save Your Powerpoint Presentation in the SpARC Moodle site:

  1. Once inside the SpARC Moodle site, click on the room you will be presenting in and follow the instructions.

  2. Once in your room folder, click on the tab in the upper middle of the page that says "Add a new discussion topic."

  3. In the subject tab, type in the last name of the presenter followed by a comma and the first initial (e.g.,) Sally Jones would be "Jones, S."

  4. In the Message area, add the name of your presentation

  5. Scroll down to the "Attachment" area at the bottom of the page and drag your file into the Attachment box or double-click on the blue arrow and choose your file to upload.  

  6. Make sure you click on the "Post to Forum" button. 


***You are also advised to save and bring a copy of your presentation on a flash drive. This will serve as a back-up. 

***You are strongly advised to run a practice session of your presentation from the file in this folder in advance of SpARC day in order to allow time for troubleshooting (check the SpARC website for updates on rooms and times).