Oral Presentation Guidelines

PresentationsIf you are giving an oral presentation at SpARC, your talk will take place in the Bullock Science Center (BSC). You will be given 15 minutes to present your paper and 5 additional minutes to answer questions. You should practice your presentation several times so you are able to stay within the allotted time. Session chairs are instructed to keep the sessions on schedule, and will have to stop your presentation if you go over the 20 minutes. If you’re using any technology (e.g powerpoint presentation), you must save your files to the appropriate folder on the server (see “Technology Tips” from the menu on the left.) Please dress in professional attire or business casual clothing.

The Center for Writing and Speaking is available to assist you in preparing for your oral presentation. You may wish to schedule a session with a speaking and/or writing tutor for advice on planning and delivering the presentation.