Poster Guidelines

SpARC PostersIf you are presenting a poster at SpARC, your poster presentation will take place in the Woolford B. Baker Atrium of the Bullock Science Center.

Your poster can be set up either the evening before the conference (late Monday afternoon, after 4:30 PM) or early Tuesday morning (keep in mind that it will need to be on display by 9:00 AM on the day of the conference). It can remain up until 5:00 PM on the day of the conference. You will find the boards in the atrium, and you may hang your poster on any unmarked board. If you make a special request for additional equipment, your poster location will be marked with your name. Thumbtacks will be provided. Please dress in professional attire or business casual clothing.

The area on which you will display your poster is 3½ feet tall and 3 feet wide (1/2 of the board). The maximum width of the poster will be 36” wide and the maximum height will be 42”. (Note that 36” x 36” is also an option.) 

Although you may display your poster in any manner that you choose, it is best to place the title of the poster in large (72+ point) font across the top, followed by the authors’ affiliations. Use the remaining space for text and figures. In general, it is a good idea to have your poster flow from left to right – for example, many posters place the introduction in a column on the left, results (particularly figures) in the center column, and discussion, conclusions, and acknowledgments in a column on the right.

If you do not use a large-format poster printer and choose to put your poster together using letter (8½ x 11, or legal 8½ x 14) sheets, you can probably fit eight to ten separate pieces of legal-size paper on the board.

Be sure to include:

  • the title of your paper
  • the author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • any necessary background information about your project
  • the hypotheses or purpose of your project
  • the method(s) you used or how the research was done
  • the results of your project
  • applications of your findings
  • any figures, tables, or illustrations

For Wide format printing:

  • Wide format printing should be scheduled a few days to a week in advance.
  • Poster should be done in PowerPoint.
  • Save presentation as PowerPoint 97-2003 version
  • Avoid using background color.
  • No wide format printing will be done after 4:00 PM on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Although not required, poster should contain visual aids: graphics, graphs, photos, etc., and not majority text.

Keep in mind that your illustrations will be viewed from a distance of 3 feet or more. All major lettering should be at least 3/8 of an inch high. Figures, tables, and illustrations should be as simple as possible. Captions should be brief and labels should be few and clear.

When you are ready to print your poster, please contact Alix Valcin. Alix is happy to help you print the poster in the science center. The deadline for submitting your printing request is 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 19. Please be sure that you have received final approval from your faculty sponsor of your poster design before contacting Alix. His contact information is below.

Alix Valcin
BSC 101W

If you are willing, please consider retaining a copy of your poster for future use. The Office of Admission sometimes showcases student and faculty research efforts, and may request to use your SpARC poster for this purpose.