Midterm Grades

Midterm grades for the Spring 2014 semester will be available on AscAgnes to students after noon on March 17th. 

Here is some information about midterm grades:

1. Midterm grades do not appear on the transcript at any time.

2. A copy of your midterm grade report will be viewed by your adviser.

3. All the courses for which you are officially registered should appear on the grade display. If you see any discrepancies, visit the Registrar's office immediately.

4. Faculty were asked to submit grades for any students on probation, and for any student receiving a D or F, although many report more than this. If you do not receive a midterm grade for a course which you are concerned, ask the instructor to verify your current grade.

Thursday, March 27th is the deadline for dropping a course (a "W" grade will be assigned) or changing to pass/fail (juniors and seniors only). These actions require your adviser's signature.