Last Day to Change to Pass/Fail - March 27

What is Pass/Fail?

Students with earned junior or senior status are allowed to take a total of two courses pass/fail. The pass/fail option is not available for courses taken to satisfy specific, distributional or social and cultural analysis standards, and all courses taken in the department(s) of a major or minor, including required courses outside the discipline.

Instructors submit regular letter grades for all students. If a student receives an A or F in a pass/fail course, the grade will be recorded on her transcript and averaged into her GPA. However, the credits will be counted toward the total allowed for pass/fail hours. All other grades will be converted into P.

Internship grades are recorded on a pass/fail basis. These hours are in addition to the two courses allowed for pass/fail. Internships are an exception to the prohibiting courses taken to satisfy depth standards from being pass/fail.

Once a student has elected a course on a pass/fail basis, she may not change it to regular credit.

Request forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. The pass/fail form must be signed by the student and her adviser.