What to Do in An Emergency

PatchViolent Crimes
If you are being threatened with physical harm, call 404 471-6400.

Medical Emergencies
If you or someone else is facing a medical emergency, call 404 471-6400.

Mental Health Emergencies
During business hours, contact the Office of Personal Counseling at 404 471-6117. After hours, call the dean of students’ emergency number at 404 216-0942.

If you detect smoke or a fire, call 404 471-6400 immediately.

Your worst enemy in a fire is time. You may have only seconds (not minutes) to evacuate a building once the alarm has sounded.
  • Leave the building immediately once the alarm activates. 

  • If you can locate them in a second or two, get a robe and some shoes to take with you. Do not spend time looking for particular items of clothing. 

  • Unlock and close your door. 

  • Students should meet their assigned fire buddy for roll call once they have evacuated the building. Do not search for your fire buddy within the building.