Safeguards against sexual assault

Although adhering to the previously mentioned general crime prevention tips will be your best safeguard against rape by a stranger; most rapes are committed by someone who you know.  You might want to consider some of the following “tips”.   This is particularly true when you are considering going out with someone you have just met.
  1. On the first date, choose cozy but public places as opposed to dark parking lots, “country drives” or his apartment to share intimate moments.
  2. When you blind date, try to double with a friend.
  3. Do not be compromised into submission by engaging in illegal acts or the use of narcotics; this may discourage you from later reporting an assault.
  4. Do not judge anyone by the clothes they wear or their occupation.  Designer clothes and an illustrious career will not guarantee your safety on a first (or even later) date.
  5. Realize your body is yours and no one has the right to touch you unless you give permission for him / her to do so.

Public Safety works with the Health Services Center to provide informational materials and/or speakers to improve awareness of date / acquaintance rape, and other non-forcible and forcible sex offenses. 

Help After An Assault

Agnes Scott has professionally trained counselors on staff.  Counselors can be reached by calling ext. 6117.  Also, the Agnes Scott Wellness Center staff is available to provide medical services and or appropriate referrals at  ext. 6346.   Victims of Rape or Assault are encouraged to report the crime to Agnes Scott Department of Public Safety on the emergency line at (404) 471-6400.

Counselors available 24 hours a day through the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center and the Rape Crisis Center at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.   Both provide a variety of medical and counseling services for rape victims. However, if a student requests the assistance of a particular facility other than what is listed or if the student needs assistance reporting a sexual assault that may have occurred off campus to the police department with jurisdiction, the College will provide the student assistance with help notifying these authorities.

DeKalb Rape Crisis Center          (404) 377-1428

Grady Rape Crisis Center            (404) 616-4861

Persons who commit these crimes are known to repeat the acts and cannot be caught or stopped without the victim’s assistance.  The welfare of the victim is the Public Safety Department’s primary concern.  Crimes of such a sensitive nature are handled with the utmost discretion.  Please remember that the victim of sexual assault is a primary component of the evidence in a crime scene.  Therefore, we caution the victim to avoid douching, showering, changing clothes, brushing teeth, drinking or disturbing the crime scene in any way to preserve critical evidence used in the prosecution.

In the event a student becomes a victim of rape or sexual assault, Agnes Scott College will change the student’ living and / or academic situation if changes are requested and are reasonably available.  Please see the Student Handbook for information of the College’s sexual harassment policy and guidelines on adjudication of these incidents through on-campus procedures.  These procedures include: “ . . . neither the college nor the participants will have attorneys or legal representation during the complaint process. . . . . recommendations for resolution “must be presented to both parties within ten (10) working days of the complaint”. . . . Informal complaint recommendations “are negotiated recommendations that both parties must agree to and do not include any suspension or dismissal”, however, formal complaint recommendations may affirm the recommendations of the informal complaint or make further recommendations, to include suspension and dismissal from the College (pp. 204-2