Emergency Notifications and Procedures

The Agnes Scott College Emergency Notification System is a method to effectively communicate emergency information to a large number of people at virtually the same time. It allows the College to contact the community in the event of an emergency by sending messages via:

  • Text message
  • Voice message (mobile or land-line)
  • Email

When an emergency occurs that requires Agnes Scott College community attention or action, the emergency notification system will be activated and you will be notified by the methods noted above using the personal information you have provided. The system will never be used to send non-emergency, routine or spam messages. It is imperative that your contact information is accurate and up to date in order for you to receive emergency notifications.

  • Students can update their information through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Faculty and Staff members can update their information through Human Resources.

If there is an immediate and ongoing threat to the health or safety if students or employees occurring on campus, the College will issue timely warnings through the emergency notification system. Situations for which the Agnes Scott College emergency notification system will be used may include but are not limited to:

  • Facility Emergencies
    • Fire or Explosions
    • Power Outages
  • Campus Evacuations
  • Dangerous Weather Conditions
    • Tornado
    • Flooding
  • Violent Criminal Behavior
    • Murder
    • Robbery
    • Active Shooter
  • Off campus incidents that may have an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees.
    • Chemical or Hazardous Material Spills or Accidents
    • Violent Criminal Behavior

The following are conditions that will prevent emergency notification messages from being received.

  • If you are not a registered student or an active employee at the time of notification
  • If the information provided to the College is not up-to-date
  • Issues with your mobile device service provider
  • Spam filter may have blocked an e-mail from being delivered

Not every emergency can be anticipated, however, the College has developed some emergency messages that can be modified easily for use in a number of situations. This will allow notifications to be sent quickly. The messages are deliberately short (140 characters or less).


Contact information collected by the College is for use in the emergency notification system only. The College will not use this Information for any other purpose than emergency notification.


The emergency notification system will be tested once a semester and over each summer. Additional testing may be conducted as part of drills and exercises, or as necessary.