Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages are restricted on the Agnes Scott campus in compliance with Georgia and Decatur laws. These laws are as follows:

A. Georgia

1. The legal age for purchasing and possessing alcoholic beverages is 21. It is against the law to either sell or furnish alcoholic beverages to anyone under the legal age. 

2. It is illegal to appear in an intoxicated condition or to evidence boisterous or vulgar behavior on any public street or in any public place, in any private residence other than one’s own or in any mode of transportation. Bottles of alcohol with broken seals cannot be kept in cars.

3. It is illegal to misrepresent age in any manner for the purpose of obtaining alcohol.

B. Decatur

It is unlawful to drink alcoholic beverages in automobiles—parked or moving—on the streets, highways or alleys of the city. It is unlawful to carry any type of open liquor container in public.

C. Agnes Scott

Alcohol is restricted to campus-wide social functions or parties held in designated areas and must be approved by the dean of students and to designated areas of the residence halls.

Designated residence hall areas for alcohol consumption by students of legal drinking age are:

1. Residence hall rooms: consumption, preparation and storage

2. Hall kitchens: preparation

All alcoholic beverages should only be stored in the resident’s room. When transporting alcoholic beverages to the designated parts of the residence halls, students must carry them in a bag or similar covering, unless transporting them between residence hall rooms or from the kitchen to residence hall rooms. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages must be covered when they are transported outside of dorms. Hall, lobby and theme house parties involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages must be sponsored by the office of residence life or approved by the dean of students; otherwise they are prohibited.

Agnes Scott defines intoxicated on campus as unable to assume normal responsibilities and/or evidencing vulgar or boisterous behavior which is disruptive to the campus community. Agnes Scott’s alcohol policy applies to students who are drinking on campus underage or drunk on campus regardless of age and to students of legal drinking age who sell or furnish alcohol on campus to students not of legal drinking age. 

Students and/or their guests may not drink alcoholic beverages in any part of the residence halls except designated areas. Students may not drink alcoholic beverages on any area of the grounds except designated areas at campus-wide functions or parties. Students who are underage may not have guests of legal age with alcoholic beverages in their residence hall room. Hall, lobby and theme house parties involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages must be sponsored by the Office of Residence Life or approved by the dean of students; otherwise they are prohibited.

Student Government funds may only be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages at any function held on or off campus and sponsored by the college or any organization within the college in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. In order to facilitate the efficient processing of the alcohol requisition forms, they will be available from the center for student engagement office upon completion of activity approval forms. Requisition forms must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the date of the function. At the beginning of each semester, organizations are advised to submit a proposed agenda of events where alcohol may be served. 

2. Completed alcohol request forms will be submitted to the center for student engagement.

3. Upon establishment of the organization’s itemized budget, the SGA treasurer will ensure that only a reasonable portion of the money allotted for refreshments at campus-wide functions will be for alcohol/bartender.

4. It will be understood that the Agnes Scott alcohol policy and honor system will be enforced at all functions where alcohol is served.

5. Only the director of campus life, center for student engagement staff member, or club adviser may purchase alcohol on behalf of the organization.

6. Only students 21 years or older who have completed the Social Host Certification through the ASC Alcohol Awareness Workshop may serve alcoholic beverages and a nonalcoholic beverage must also be served at the function. Alcoholic beverages which may be served at campus-wide functions are beer and wine.

7. All events at which alcohol will be served must work with the center for student engagement to hire a 3rd party bartender to serve. Neither students nor staff/faculty members are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages at events.