Our Commitment to Your Safety

CommitmentBecause your safety is important to us, Agnes Scott believes strongly in providing state-of-the-art resources and training to all public safety personnel.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies
Public safety has direct communications with the City of Decatur Police and Fire departments and continuously monitors local incidents by radio. Some of our national and international resources include: 

  • The GBI’s Crime Information Center (GCIC) database providing automobile registrations, driver's license information and criminal history
  • The FBI’s National Crime Information Center database providing national and international records
We continue to build relationships with area law enforcement for cooperation and support, valuable assets in campus investigations.

Collaboration On Campus
Public safety collaborates with the dean of students regarding incidents affecting our students. We also collaborate with the Office of Human Resources by executing pre-employment background investigations of candidates for staff positions.

Our most important collaborative support comes from the heightened awareness of our on-campus community. To this end, public safety holds detailed information sessions in fall and spring for students, faculty and staff.

Ongoing Training
All police officers are certified by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) and have Deputy Sheriff status through the Dekalb County Sheriff's Department. This gives our officers jurisdiction in DeKalb County as well as statewide with a warrant.

State law requires that all certified police officers maintain a minimum amount of training annually to keep certification arrest powers. Every year officers go through specialized training in the use of force, firearms, first aid, legal updates and defensive tactics.

Agnes Scott officers also train individuals in local and state agencies in Georgia. We have several P.O.S.T.-certified instructors on staff who are:
  • General Instructors
  • Firearms Instructors (Specialized)
  • Pepper Spray Instructors (Specialized)
  • R.C. First Aid/CPR Instructors
  • Medical Instructors (Specialized)
  • Firearms Training Systems (FATS) Certified Instructors (Specialized)
All public safety communications personnel receive a 40-hour basic operators course as mandated by the state and in-service training throughout the year.