Alumnae Spotlight

Lauren Beacham

Lauren Beacham '09


Lauren Beacham graduated from Agnes Scott in 2009 with a Psychology major.  She is originally from Atlanta and currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Lauren earned a Masters in Applied Statistics from Louisiana State University and she is a Senior Statistician at Eli Lilly and Company.  She works on clinical trials for potential medicines including: designing the trial and how data will be collected, determining the appropriate statistical analyses, and analyzing the final data and writing up the outcomes of the trials.  The most important skill she learned at Agnes Scott was communication.  She saw all of those papers, projects, and presentations as practice for how to effectively share her thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with others.  This gave her the confidence to share what she knows.  One of her favorite memories involved attending her first Southeastern Psychological Association conference.  She found learning about so many areas of research and hearing about the research studies to be fascinating.  This helped her to know that she wanted a career in involving statistics and research.  Lauren loves to travel and spend time outdoors and her photo is of her outdoors.