Alumnae Spotlight

Kirnel Grishby

Kirnel Daniel Grishby '12


Kirnel Daniel Grishby graduated from Agnes Scott in 2012, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. She is originally from Roseau, Dominica in the West Indies, and currently lives in Fayette County. After graduating from Agnes Scott, Kirnel enrolled in the School Psychology doctoral program at Georgia State University, completing her M.Ed. in School Psychology in 2014. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation, which focuses on training and professional development needs of urban school psychologists. As a student at Agnes Scott, Kirnel was a committed four-year Student-Athlete, a student leader in the Strong Sisters mentoring program, and recipient of the CASE Grant. As a Psychology major, Kirnel was heavily involved in research and presented numerous research projects at SEPA and SpARC. Her research experiences and rigorous coursework provided excellent preparation for the demands of her current doctoral graduate program. Additionally, because of Agnes Scott’s strong network, Kirnel was able to gain powerful connections with Alumnae who aided in guiding her to her current graduate program and professional experiences. Agnes Scott provided a nurturing environment where Kirnel was able to find her voice and grow both personally and professionally. Agnes Scott also instilled a unique curiosity in all aspects of Kirnel’s life, which continues to encourage her to ask hard questions and think efficiently and critically as a confident problem solver and change agent. In additional to completing her doctoral dissertation, Kirnel currently works as a school psychologist in the public school as well as in the private practice setting. Most importantly, Kirnel spends her time as a committed wife and mother to two amazing children. Kirnel’s devotion to Agnes Scott transcends beyond graduation. Her photo was taken with her latest addition to her extended Scottie family.