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As we countdown the days to the inauguration of Agnes Scott College’s ninth president, Leocadia I. Zak, we want to celebrate how Agnes Scott and the campus community exemplify #LeadingEverywhere.

To our campus community, #LeadingEverywhere is more than just a tagline, it is embedded in every aspect of what we do and a value that we uphold. Over the next nine days, we will share stories from and about our uniquely special campus community that highlight the innovative and creative leadership of our campus and its members and how we will continue to lead everywhere under the helm of President Zak.

Follow the hashtags #LeadingEverywhere, #ASCInauguration and #ZakTheNinth as we reflect on the past, present and future of Agnes Scott and prepare to celebrate this momentous occasion in the college's history.

#LeadingEverywhere: SUMMIT

#LeadingEverywhere: SUMMIT

Just three short years after the launch of  SUMMIT, Agnes Scott received the U.S News & World Report ranking as the No. 1 most innovative liberal arts college in the country and No. 2 for best teaching. The recognition came by and large, due to the SUMMIT curriculum. Through SUMMIT, Agnes Scott is able to transcend the typical liberal arts educational experience and provide students with a cutting-edge, life-changing experience that prepares them not only to be leaders but to be leaders on a global scale.

#LeadingEverywhere: Graduate Programs

In 2015, Agnes Scott moved the needle forward with the development of its undergraduate curriculum, SUMMIT. Last fall, Agnes Scott continued the journey to take the college’s academics to new heights with the launch of the Writing and Digital Communication and Evaluation and Assessment Methods graduate programs. After a successful first year, graduate programming will continue to grow in the fall of 2019 with the addition of the Applied Technology, Data Visualization, and Social Innovation programs.

#LeadingEverywhere: Lift Her Up

At the heart of Agnes Scott College is our students; they are leaders, community activists and change-agents. Our students are passionate about rectifying injustices, serving people and using their voice to empower the voices of others. Current senior Peace Grace Muhizi exemplifies this passion for service.

#LeadingEverywhere: The Center for Sustainability

In 2007, Agnes Scott College established the Center for Sustainability and set a goal of becoming carbon neutral no later than 2037. Since then, with the help of a dedicated sustainability team, several strides toward this goal have been made through the creation of the green revolving fund, tree care plan, and greenhouse gas inventory. In the twelve years since the launch of the program, Agnes Scott College has shown an institutional and community commitment to sustainability and our earth.

#LeadingEverywhere: SGA

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) live the spirit of leading everywhere every day on campus. As elected student officials, they are role models and advocates working to enact change for their peers. Read as SGA President Amira Daugherty reflects on the accomplishments of SGA. 

#LeadingEverywhere: Artists At Agnes 

Artists inspire, they reframe and change the way people think. Artists innovate, they take regular materials and create wonder. Artists lead, they break down barriers, call-out oppression and challenge social norms. Artists think deeply and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times. Artist Charmaine Minniefield has been engaging in the intellectual and social challenges of our times since graduating from Agnes Scott College in 1995. Read how she is challenging a new generation of Scotties to do the same. 
#LeadingEverywhere: Student Leadership Awards

#LeadingEverywhere: Student Leadership Awards

On April 24, Agnes Scott College celebrated some of our incredible student leaders with the Center for Student Involvement's 7th annual Student Leadership Awards dinner. The celebration recognizes students, staff, faculty, clubs, organizations, and programs that exemplify outstanding leadership and service to the ASC community. Each award is a reflection of various individual's an organization's ability to provide vibrancy and engagement both on and off campus. Check out the winners! 

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#LeadingEverywhere: Zak The Ninth

On April 26, 2019, Agnes Scott College installed its ninth president Leocadia I. Zak. More than 100 delegates and over 1,200 guests were in attendance, including the college's previous presidents, Sally Mahoney, Mary Brown Bullock' 66 and Elizabeth Kiss H'18. The Inauguration was layered by several students, faculty and staff events, designed to showcase stories from and about our special campus community—with emphasis on innovation, creativity and how we will continue to lead everywhere under the helm of President Zak. Read the inaugural address of our ninth president, Leocadia I. Zak.

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