Special Assistant to the President on Diversity

KijuaKijua Sanders-McMurtry is the special assistant to the president on diversity. In this role, Sanders-McMurtry serves as the chief diversity officer and works closely with the president on the implementation of the diversity goals of the Strategic Plan of 2014, Engaging a Wider World. 

As the college focuses on becoming a “living laboratory of campus-wide commitment to justice, courage, integrity, respect and responsibility,” Sanders-McMurtry provides strategic leadership in the area of centering diversity within the institution and creating opportunities for community members to “cultivate knowledge of and respect for diversity as key ingredients for educational excellence.” 

She leads a diversity research team that is focused on conducting a comprehensive assessment of diversity and inclusion at Agnes Scott. This assessment will be instrumental in the development and implementation of a diversity action plan from 2012 to 2014. 

Sanders-McMurtry also serves as the associate dean of students and provides supervision and support to the directors of the departments of intercultural affairs, student activities, student leadership and residence life within the division of student life at the college.