During the academic year the observatory welcomes visitors for monthly open houses. These take place on Friday’s at 8pm (doors open at 7:30pm). Most of the open houses focus on a topic in physics or astronomy with lectures given by Agnes Scott faculty, students, alumni or local scientists. During the fall and spring equinox, the open houses feature a concert given by a local musical group or solo musician. A planetarium show follows the concert or lecture. Refreshments are provided and the 1930s Beck Telescope is open for viewing, weather permitting.

Astronomical Events

  • September 2nd, Neptune is at opposition
  • October 15th, Uranus is at opposition
  • October 21st/22nd Orionid meteor shower
  • October 30th second new moon of the month “black moon”
  • November 14th Supermoon-close full moon
  • December 12th Supermoon
  • Double Shadow Transits of Jupiter's moons
  • April 7th Jupiter is at opposition
  • April 22nd/23rd Lyrids meteor shower

Society of Physics Students Events

■      Maker Faire 

Maker Faire 1

  • In 2016, the Society of Physics Students had a booth at Maker Faire Atlanta. At the booth, there were two large wave demonstrations, kits for children to make their own wave demonstrations, star charts, and coloring pages. 
    Maker Faire 2                                        Maker Faire 3