Employee Recognition

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Award Categories

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  • Hourly staff member - recognizes one hourly staff member who exhibits exceptional service and dedication to achievement of the mission and the promise of the college.

  • Administrative staff member (non-manager) - recognizes one outstanding administrative staff member who exhibits exceptional performance, effort and achievement in her/his role and in the achievement of the overall mission and promise of the college.

  • Manager/Supervisor, Program Manager - recognizes one manager or program manager who exhibits superior management or supervisory skills in managing her/his team or program in accomplishing the mission and the promise of the college.

  • Overall administrative excellence - recognizes a single administrative office that has demonstrated consistently exemplary work or service to individuals or the college as a whole.

  • Innovation - this new award recognizes an individual or group of individuals who exhibit creativity of thought toward achieving the mission and promise of the college. Through the application of new ideas or methods, this person or group has promoted student success, improved the student experience, created efficiencies or cost-savings, generated revenue, enhanced the college's visibility, improved quality of life on campus, or something else entirely.


  • For individual awards, employees must be employed with Agnes Scott a minimum of three (3) years to be eligible.
  • Once an employee wins an award, she/he is no longer eligible to win for the following five (5) years.
Winners were announced at the college’s annual Holiday Party on December 18.  Winners received a framed certificate and a $500 check. 

Delivering the Promise

At Agnes Scott College, we devote all of our energy and resources to our students and their future so the education they experience today gives them an edge for achievement in the world of tomorrow.

2019 Promise Award Winners

Hourly Staff Member
R to L: President Zak, Rory James, VP Goff
Rory James - Public Safety

Administrative Staff Member
R to L: VP Charles, Daisy Bourassa, President ZakDaisy Bourassa - Residence Life

R to L: VP England, Amy Chastain, President ZakAmy Chastain - Alumnae Relations

Overall Administrative Excellence
President Zak and VP Porcena with Office of the Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Innovation Award
President Zak with Science Center for Women
Science Center for Women