Agnes Scott College Hosts Virtual Awards Ceremony

Decatur, GA, May, 7 2020- On May 4 Agnes Scott College kicked-off it's virtual awards week to celebrate student leaders. During the span of three days, the college shared videos from staff announcing the student leader award winners on the college's social media platforms. See the list of award winners below: 


Karen Green Human Rights Award: This award is given annually to two recipients who exemplify the following idea: "There are certain people in the life of an institution whose presence is transforming... who build(s) bridges and educate(s) all of us in how to live together in a more fulfilling way." Named in honor of Karen Green, Agnes Scott alumnae and former Assistant Dean of Students, the scholarship awards of $300 each are presented to two students who empower others to be inclusive leaders, lead initiatives that promote inclusion on campus, and demonstrate a history of building bridges between groups, entities, departments, organizations, or community members via collaboration. Recipients: Bethany Velarde and Tiyamika Williams


Ramona Award: This award is presented to an ambassador who positively promotes Agnes Scott College and the Office of Admission on social media, influencing the next generation of Scotties from around the world. Recipient: Bintou Tunkara

Butterfly Award: This award is presented to an ambassador who has shown growth in their leadership and service to the ambassador organization and/or campus community. Recipient: Taliesyn Jax

Scottie Commitment Award: This award is presented to ambassadors who have volunteered with our office in an official capacity for each year that they've been enrolled at Agnes Scott College. Recipients: Abby Brueker, Sophia Elzie, Jessa Rhea and Rachel Farnsworth

Rising Star Award: This award is presented to an ambassador in their first year of the organization who shows dedication to the ambassador team and the students we serve. Recipient: Ruby Santana

Mentorship Award: This award is presented to an ambassador who has shown dedication to the ASA organization. The ambassador demonstrates leadership and provides mentorship to other student ambassadors. Recipients: Sophia Elzie and Katie Hutchinson

Emerging Leader Award: This award is presented to an ambassador who has demonstrated leadership early in their involvement with Admission Student Ambassadors through their service, guidance and dedication to other student ambassadors and the Office of Admission. Recipient: Amil Greene

Campus Connection Award: This award is presented to an ambassador who actively integrates their involvement and knowledge of a department or organization from another part of campus with their work in the admission office. Recipient: Gabbe Anthony

Active Global Citizen of the Year: This award is intended to recognize an Agnes Scott College undergraduate student who prioritizes community in their values and actions and demonstrates ethical engagement within those communities. Recipients of this award should have a demonstrated record of community service, advocacy, and/or activism and is highly engaged with and alongside the communities that they serve. For the purposes of this award, citizen is defined as a member of a community and makes no reference to documentation or legal status. Recipient: Brittany Judson

Impact Peer Leader of the Year Award: This award recognizes an Impact Peer Leader who excelled at raising awareness for their social issue on campus and programming both educational and service opportunities for the Agnes Scott College community. The Impact Peer Leader of the Year is also a student who is willing and eager to assist, collaborate with, and mentor other leaders both within and outside of the program. Recipients: Samiha Ross and Kaitlyn Mills


Scottie Spirit Award: This award recognizes a student or registered club or organization that best displays Agnes Scott pride through supporting and enhancing college traditions and ideals. The student or club or organization has been consistent in their support of school activities and events; often exceeding expectations to enhance social interaction, bring awareness to diversity, encourage service to the community, and help create a vibrant and active campus. Recipient: Natasha Griffin

Service and Action Award: The Center for Student Involvement encourages students to serve as positive change agents in their community by participating in service projects, volunteering countless hours with community partners, and raising awareness for various causes. The award is presented to a student or registered club or organization that has made meaningful contributions to Agnes Scott College and the Decatur or Atlanta communities through active community engagement, and raises awareness and support for a particular cause. Recipient: Pre-Health Professions Society

Distinguished Community Alliance Award: This award recognizes a registered student club or organization that is inclusive in their programming and demonstrates exceptional leadership through their representation on campus. The club or organization intentionally considers ways to collaborate in order to provide new experiences for the student body. The club or organization ensures the mission of Agnes Scott College is met through purposeful and exemplary leadership, while maintaining a strong vision of cohesiveness and commitment. Recipient: Latinas Unidas
Unsung Hero Award: Many student leaders serve as the forefront for change, but are often distant from the spotlight. They silently rise up and lead by example, through their actions and responsibilities within their club, organization, class, and/or community. The Unsung Hero award is presented to a student who embodies exemplary leadership qualities and is crucial to the development of programs, clubs and organizations. This student may be recognized for their academic, athletic, or involvement efforts, as well as service to Agnes Scott College and the surrounding community. Recipient: Samira Shahbandy

Emerging Leader Award: The recipient of this award is a student who has emerged as a leader through active involvement in the Agnes Scott community. This award attempts to recognize a first year student’s exceptional leadership ability and/or service to the college. Over the past year, this student has demonstrated tremendous growth and development, and has excelled both inside and outside the classroom; serving as an inspiration to all Scotties. Recipient: Hannah Wetmore

Club/Organization of the Year Award: This award is presented to a club/organization that has exhibited exceptional leadership in regards to its involvement and consistency in promoting its programs. This club/organization has provided creative, innovative, and effective events for the Agnes Scott community. It is consistent with its involvement, support, and dedication through service and advocacy by actively promoting a campus community that embraces diversity and inclusion. The recipient of this award will receive $200 for their 2020-2021 budget. Recipient: Pinky Promise

Event of the Year Award: Each year we welcome new programs and traditions to our campus; including festivals, cultural events, trivia, and countless other programs that help to build the Agnes Scott community. We also witnessed several collaborations between student clubs/organizations that brought innovative programs to campus. It is through these events on campus that we cultivate new friendships, find new interests, and learn more about our true potential. This award recognizes a particular program hosted by a registered student club/organization from the 2019-2020 academic year, that fosters student involvement, is well planned and executed, and is open to the entire Agnes Scott campus community. Recipient: International Student Association: Global Night

Adviser of the Year Award: This award is in honor of the outstanding support and encouragement staff and faculty members give students throughout the year. Advisers serve as a guide to assist in overcoming challenges and celebrating success. The recipient of this award provides consistency and contributions to the overall development of the organization. The adviser is actively involved in the organization’s success and direction, and serves as a strong advocate. Recipient: Dr. Beth Hackett

Student Leader of the Year Award: This award is presented to a junior or senior who has been actively involved throughout their undergraduate experience. The recipient must demonstrate academic achievement and actively participate in clubs/organizations or serve in a leadership capacity. This student has shown exemplary commitment, leadership, and service to the Agnes Scott community, while actively engaging with peers, faculty, staff, and administration. Within their leadership role, they are consistently modeling a collegiate experience grounded in the Agnes Scott mission to think deeply, live honorably, and engage in the intellectual and social challenges of their times. Finally, this student must have a clear philosophy and vision of leadership with an abiding commitment to transform, empower, and advocate for others. Recipient: Claire Moore

Presidential Leadership Award: This award is given only on an as needed basis to a deserving senior, in honor of Elizabeth Kiss and her transformative legacy at Agnes Scott College. Due to the high honor of the award, the senior receiving the award must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.5 and have rendered outstanding service and loyalty to the Agnes Scott community. The student must demonstrate unwavering commitment to the college and exhibit true servant leadership through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. The student understands the importance of collaboration to accomplish a common goal for the greater good. Their interaction with the community is a reflection on their dedication, encouragement, and portrayal of Agnes Scott pride. Finally, the student exhibits excellence in the quality and creativity of the legacy they leave after graduation. Recipient: Briana Barnett


Resident Assistant of the Year (1 first year hall RA): This is an individual award given to a Resident Assistant who has demonstrated exceptional contributions to their residential community through community and program development, addressing student needs, supporting peer and senior staff, leadership through crisis response, etc. Recipient: Bre Rogers

Resident Assistant of the Year (1 upper class hall RA): This is an individual award given to a Resident Assistant who has demonstrated exceptional contributions to their residential community through community and program development, addressing student needs, supporting peer and senior staff, leadership through crisis response, etc. Recipient: Alexia Crockett

Unsung Hero Award: The award recognizes the RA who serves students, their staff and the office of Residence Life without expectation of anything in return. This staff member is always the first to volunteer, helps complete special projects, and will often cover a teammate’s duty shift with a positive attitude. Recipient: Felicia Jacques

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Award: This award recognizes the RA who is cool, calm and collected during a crisis. This RA is the person you call when you have a question about how to address a situation or concern. They can recall policies and procedures better than anyone and serve as a true support and source of stability when you are working with a challenging issue. Recipient: CJ Montgomery

Rookie of the Year Award: This award recognizes the first time RA who has taken the position by storm and excelled in their first year in Residence Life. This RA is on top of all their RA tasks and shows a true passion and commitment to the position. They have integrated the RA role into their academic and social life seamlessly. This RA makes us all want to be better RAs. Recipient: Nneka Jones

Community Builder Award: This award goes to an RA who has established a strong community on their floor. The residents respect one another, contribute to the community through engagement in floor activities and feel at home at Agnes due to the efforts of their RA. This RA is accessible and available to residents, and residents seek this RA out for guidance, advice and mentorship. Recipients: Samia Shire and Mihika Rao

Programmer of the Year Award: This award goes to an RA that has excelled at programming throughout the year. They are innovative, organized and creative when it comes to developing a curriculum of programs and activities on the floor that attract students. Their programs create a positive and fun environment that is inclusive of all students while providing entertaining, educational and enjoyable experiences. Recipient: Dayo Ajanaku


Shuronda H. Gardner Smith Dean’s Choice Award: The Shuronda H. Gardner Smith Dean’s Choice Award was established by Rashanna Kirkland Henderson ’98 and friends in memory of Dean Shuronda Smith, a beloved member of the Agnes Scott community from 1997 until 2003. The award goes to a student who exemplifies Dean Smith’s spirit. Recipient: Briana Barnett

Suzanne Goodman Elson Prize: The Suzanne Goodman Elson Prize was created in 1986 by Edward Elliott Elson. Given to an undergraduate Agnes Scott student who best reflects, in the judgment of her peers, those qualities of kindness, decency, and integrity which, combined with an unusual intellectual curiosity on her part, would make the Agnes Scott experience even more meaningful for her fellow students. Recipients: Xiomara De La Quintana, Abigail (Abby) Peters, Taylor Parks, Jasmine Paul, and Lisette Soto 

Margaret Shirley Spirit Award: To fund a plaque and an annual cash award to an RTC student. Recipient: Georgia Hill

Elizabeth Jefferson Boyt Student Development Award: Awarded at the discretion of the Dean of Students, this award was established in honor of Betsy Boyt ’97. Recipient: Rachael Thompson

Frances Radford Mauldin Student Leadership Award: The Frances Radford Mauldin Student Leadership Award was established in memory of Frances Radford Mauldin ’43, and is funded through the generosity of all her many friends and supporters for the benefit of Agnes Scott College. The award will go to a deserving student who is active with the Student Government Association and upholds Christian ideals. Recipient: C.J. Montgomery

Julia LaRue Orwig ’73 Senior Award Recipient: Folake Shonekan