Agnes Scott College Student Achievement Awards

Mary Virginia Allen ’35 Award
Established in 1979 by the Board of Trustees in honor of Professor Mary Virginia Allen ’35, who taught at Agnes Scott College from 1948 to 1951 and 1954 to 1979. This award is for study abroad in a French-speaking country. Winners: Leila Agbogu ’21, Stella Marie John ’22, Anabel Marie Braziel ’22 Gracie Johnson ’22, Laura Cain ’22, Lulu Dawit Kebede ’22, Lillian Jackson ’22, Skye Svehlak ’22


Marylu Tippett Villavieja Award
Created in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. Lucius H. Tippett, Jr. in memory of their daughter, a member of the class of 1970. This award is given to students who are studying or will study Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country. Winners: Lucía Bermudez ’22, Tara D. Pollack ’22


Maude Jackson Padgett Travel Award
Created in honor of Maude Jackson Padgett ’27 to provide foreign language study travel grants to deserving students.
Winners: Julia Carolina Bloodworth King ’22, Erin Maley ’22, Stella Marie John ’22, Emma Olson ’22


McGowan Awards for Excellence in Public Health
Established in 2012 by Linda Kay Hudson McGowan ’65 and John E. McGowan, Jr., these awards are made to students who
have exemplified excellence in academics, research, or service in the field of public health. Winners: Relebohile (Lele) Masitha ’20 (academics), Xiaobin Zhou ’20 (academics), Olivia Tonice Ancrum ’20 (research), Samiha Ross ’20 (service)

Merle Walker Philosophy Prize
Created in 1999 by Dr. Caroline Bynum and named for Professor Walker, who taught philosophy at the college for 14 years. She exemplified the qualities of learning and intellectual vitality essential to any student of philosophy. The prize is given for the best essay in philosophy written by a student in the current year, as judged by the department. Winner: Abigail Breuker ’20

Michael J. Brown Prize
Established in 1996 to honor the emeritus professor, and awarded to the outstanding history major chosen by the history department. Winner: Sylvia Marshall ’20

Miriam Drucker Award for Excellence in Psychology
Created in 1993 by students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Miriam Drucker. Awarded to the psychology major enrolled in advanced courses who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship in psychology. Winner: Emma J. McKeon ’20

Miriam Drucker Research Travel Award
Created in 2009 and given to psychology majors to offset the cost of attending a conference to present their research.Winner: Deyana Aziz Siddiqui ’22

Miriam Drucker RTC Award
Created in 1985 by formerly named Return-To-College students, this award honors a Woodruff scholar whose concern and encouragement most closely reflects the example set by Professor Drucker. Winner: S. Shayne Hargis ’20

Myrna Goode Young Latin Award
Established in 1979 by the Board of Trustees in honor of the former professor of classical languages and literature and awarded to the graduating senior with the highest scholastic average in Latin.Winner: Sophia Elzie '20 


Ferdinand Seefried Austrian Studies Award an Austrian University
Winners: Journey Bradham ’22, Stella Marie John ’22, Rachel De Las Casas ’22,  Erin Maley ’22, Rylee Reeves ’22

Frances Radford Mauldin Student Leadership Award
Established in memory of Frances Radford Mauldin ’43 and funded through the generosity of her many friends and supporters, the award goes to a deserving student who is active with the Student Government Association and upholds Christian ideals. Winner: Christine “CJ” Montgomery ’20

French Scholars Award
Established in 1990 by Regine Reynolds-Cornell, professor emerita of French, and John Cornell, this award provides assistance for study in a French-speaking country to a student with a strong academic record. Winner: Liliane Ridgely Bullock ’22


George P. Hayes Fellowship
Award to a graduating senior or recent graduate who will pursue a master of arts or doctorate in English. Winner: Amber Kidd '20

George Thompson and Mardia Brown Award
Established by President Emerita Mary Brown Bullock ’66 and her husband, George Bullock, in honor of her parents, this award is used for travel/study related to Asia. Winner: Mia Thayer Branum-Martin ’22, Gracie Miller ’21,Sydney Osei Tutu ’22


Hettie Hoyle Pasour Award
Established in honor of Professor Emerita Brenda Hoke’s grandmother and awarded to an outstanding student in the sociology and anthropology department. Winners: Amanda Marie Burns ’20, Sigal Adina Selk Kahn ’20, Sylvia Marshall ’20


Inez Norton Edwards Collaborative Research Award
Established in 1978 by Nancy Edwards ’58 and Helen Propst ’50, among other family and friends, as a memorial to their mother. The award is used for the purpose of collaborative research between faculty and students in the field of history. Winner: Kaitlyn M. Mills ’21


Jack T. Brooking Award
Named in honor of the former professor of theatre and awarded to the student who best exemplifies the caring and dedication essential to the artist of the theatre, through her extensive and continued contributions to the Blackfriars’ production program. Winner: Alexei Gabrielle Young ’20

Janef Newman Preston Prize
Established by Janef Newman Preston, a member of the class of 1921 and a longtime professor in the English department. Awarded for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and dramatic writing. Winners: Anna Dodds ’20 (dramatic writing),Sara Masters ’21 (poetry),Meh Sod Paw ’20 (nonfiction), Maya S. Webster ’20 (fiction)


Jessica Marie Berry Award
Established in 2008 by members of the class of 2005 and Jayne Berry. The award is given to a student who exemplifies Jessica’s
spirit, ambition, joy of learning and dedication to the service of children. Winner: Kaitlyn M. Mills ’21


John Randall Hudson Award for Careers with Special Needs Populations
Established in 2003 by Ann Glendinning ’68, this award is for a senior who intends to pursue a career working with, or on
behalf of, individuals or groups with special needs. Winner: Christine “CJ” Montgomery ’20


Julia LaRue Orwig ’73 Senior Award
The “Julia Award” was created in 2008 by the class of 1973 and is awarded to a senior selected by her class, determined by her class spirit. Winner: Folake Shonekan ’20

Kilimanjaro Award
Established by Penny Campbell, professor emerita of history, in memory of Marie Ewers and Welford Shepard Campbell
and in honor of Seaborn Phillips Jones. It is awarded to a student or recent alumna to encourage extensive or intensive
travel abroad focused on Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. Winners: Aminah Parris ’22, Tatyanna Kailani Marie Stewart ’22



Sue Walker Goddard Music Award
Created in 2006 by Sue Walker Goddard ’55, this award supports an upper-class music major with an interest in sacred music. Winner: Ethan Taylor Adams ’22

Susan Booker Guthrie Fu Award
Created in 2004 by Susan Booker Guthrie Fu ’43, this award provides funds for students to work with parents and children in the areas of social work and psychology. Winners: S. Shayne Hargis ’20, Natalia I. Mackiewicz ’20, Selena Lomeli ’20,  Faith Lesedi Rashidi-Yazd ’20


Suzanne Goodman Elson ’59 Prize
Created in 1986 by Edward Elliott Elson and awarded to a student who best reflects, in the judgment of her peers, those qualities of kindness, decency, and integrity which, combined with an unusual intellectual curiosity, would make the Agnes Scott College experience even more meaningful for fellow students. Winners: Xiomara De La Quintana ’23, Abigail Peters ’22, Taylor Parks ’21,  Lisette Amaris Soto ’20, Jasmine Paul ’21

Vagliano Scholars Abroad Award
Created in 2005 by Sara E. Vagliano ’63, this award is intended to cover travel, living expenses, and supplies for study abroad. Winner: Camryn M. King ’22

William A. Calder Award
Established in 1971 by friends, family and colleagues, this award is given to a senior who best exemplifies, through the combination of character, student teaching and research, the high standards set by William Calder, professor of physics and astronomy at Agnes Scott College from 1947 to 1971. Winner: Sara Sloman ’20

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department Achievement Award
Given to the student who has contributed most meaningfully to the learning and teaching of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Agnes Scott College. Winner: Hannah Piecuch ’20


Academy of American Poets Prize
This is a national award from the Academy of American Poets. Winner: Sophia Elzie ’20. Honorable mention: Rachel Farnsworth ’20

Africana Studies Department Achievement Award
Given to the graduating Africana studies senior with the most outstanding academic record. Winner: Christine “CJ” Montgomery ’20


Al and Virginia Pearson Hays Award
Established in 1997 through the generosity of Virginia Hays Klettner ’53 and S. John Klettner in honor of her parents, this award is for a Center for Sustainability student assistant who works to improve the environmental quality and awareness on campus. Winners: Alaina Bandanza ’20 Diona Hall ’20, Amanda Marie Burns ’20,  Brittany Judson ’20

American Chemical Society’s Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry
This award from the American Chemical Society recognizes outstanding student achievement in physical chemistry. Winner: Quynh N. Nguyen ’20


Asian Studies Department Achievement Award
Awarded to the senior Asian studies minor who has the most outstanding academic record. Winner: Huajie “Catherine” Fan ’20


Ayse Ilgaz Carden Psychology Award
Established in 2001 in honor of the late Ayse Carden ’66, professor of psychology, this award is intended for a psychology major who has either been accepted to graduate school, is in graduate school, or in the judgment of the department of psychology, is highly likely to be accepted to graduate school. Winner: Abigail Anne Camden ’18


Betty W. Stoffel ’44 Award for Poetry
Created in 2000 by Ernest L. Stoffel and presented to a student in poetry whom the English department deems “outstanding.” Winner: Nia Donna Camille Coates ’20

Bonnie Henderson Schell ’66 Writing Awards
The Bonnie Henderson Schell ’66 Writing Awards are given to students who, by the decision of English department faculty, have submitted the “Best Senior Essay in Literature,” “Best Senior Project in Creative Writing,” and “Best Project in Nonfiction” in a particular year. Winners: Deja E. Gonsalves ’20 (nonfiction), Jacqueline Yarbough ’20 (creative writing), Yuxin Zheng ’20 (literature)


Business Management Department Award for Academic Excellence
Given to a senior business management major who has the most outstanding academic record. Winner: Adedayo Ajanaku ’20


Chloe Steel Award
Given to a student to use for studying abroad in France or a French-speaking country and named for the former French professor. Winners: Liliane Ridgely Bullock ’22, Grace Davis ’22, Lulu Dawit Kebede ’22


Claire West Jones ’90 History Award
Established by Dan and Sidney West in 2007 in honor of their daughter, this award is used for research and/or travel to support independent research or a senior seminar. Winner: Maranda Perez ’20


Landrum Clinkscales Music Award
Established in 2015 by Meredith Zara, artist affiliate at the college, in honor of her aunts and uncle. This award is selected by music department faculty and given to a student in good academic standing for the purpose of providing applied lessons. Winner: Noah Fitzer ’22


Lillian Dale Thomas Award
Established in memory of Lillian Dale Thomas ’30 and given to a graduating senior for outstanding scholarship in the study of Greek or Latin. Winner: Abigail Breuker ’20


Louise McKinney Literary Award
Established in 1937 by friends in honor of the late Louise McKinney at the time of her retirement as an English professor at the college, this award is used to support student achievement in the reading and study of literature and is awarded annually for the best student essay on literature. Winner: Alex Fallon ’20

Margaret Shirley Spirit Award
Presented to a Woodruff Scholar (selected by her peers), and given in memory of Margaret Shirley ’81, a caring individual with a special love for Agnes Scott College non-traditional students. Winner: Georgia Hill ’20


Mary Taylor Lipscomb Garrity Award
Created in 2003 by Henry A. Garrity in memory of his wife, a member of the class of 1961. This award benefits a rising junior or senior who demonstrates excellence in the study of literature, literary interpretation, and/or English. Winner: Camryn M. King ’22

NASA Research & Outreach Fellowships
The Georgia Space Grants Consortium awarded two NASA Fellowships in order to increase the number and diversity of astronomy/physics majors at ASC, provide graduates with the necessary skillsets for STEM-related work, and highlight the importance of both research and outreach in NASA’s mission. Winners: Icarus Albert ’22, Azia Robinson ’21

Nora Belle Daniels Memorial Award
Established in 2001 by Nora Belle Daniels’ daughter, Barbara Jane Daniels ’44. The award goes to a classical music major to defray the cost of book expenses. Winner: Damaris Ayodele Williams Billups ’23

Outstanding Student in Art
For academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and engagement in the programs and curriculum of the department of art and art history. Winners: Julia DelloRusso Dwyer ’20, Huajie “Catherine” Fan ’20


Paul Leslie & Carolyn White Garber Senior Award for Excellence in Religious Studies
Established in 1976 by the Board of Trustees to honor Professor Garber for his 33 years as professor and chairman of the religious studies department. Winners: Jialin Chu ’20, Courtney Godwin ’20, Maggie Parker ’20


Physics Department Award for Outstanding Contributions to Physics
Given to a senior physics major who has made distinguished contributions to the department and to the field of physics at Agnes Scott College. Winner: Emma Shaw ’20


Religious Studies Department Award for Academic Excellence
Awarded to a religious studies major who is either a first-year, sophomore, or junior with a combination of the highest GPA and leadership in the department and in classes. Winner: Kennedy Isis Thedford ’21


Religious Studies Department Award for Leadership and Commitment
Awarded to a religious studies major who has exemplified leadership ability in the department and in classes. Winners: Lauren Bodenlos ’20, Emma O’Grady ’21


Sara Wilson Glendinning Journalism Award
Established by Ann Glendinning ’68 to honor her mother, Sally Glendinning ’33. Sally was truly a trailblazer for women in the
press, and her career included writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Baltimore Sun and the Sarasota Herald Tribune. The award is given to a junior or senior planning to pursue an internship or career in journalism, communications, or writing. Winners: Anna Dodds ’20, Taylor Drake ’20

Shuronda H. Gardner Smith Dean’s Choice Award
Established by Rashanna Kirkland Henderson ’98 and friends in memory of Dean Shuronda Smith, a beloved member of the Agnes Scott College community from 1997 until 2003. The award goes to a student who exemplifies Dean Smith’s spirit. Winners: Destiny Briana Barnett ’20


Sigma Alpha Iota Music Award
Recognizes a Sigma Alpha Iota member who has demonstrated outstanding musicianship, scholarship, and service to the local chapter. Winners: Alexis Nicole Turek ’20


Clark Award in Organic Chemistry
Awarded in honor of Marion T. Clark, former professor in the chemistry department, and presented to those students who have achieved the dual goals of understanding and enthusiasm in the field of organic chemistry through their study of introductory organic chemistry. Winner: Ruvimbo Dzvurumi ’20

Class of 1963 Robert Frost Award
Established by the class of 1963 and awarded to the student who shows the most promise in the field of creative writing, as decided by the members of the English department. Winner: Sigal Adina Selk Kahn ’20

Classics Department Achievement Award
Celebrates the accomplishments of our diverse student body in recognizing a graduating senior from a group traditionally underrepresented in the discipline of classics. Winner: Esha Clements ’20

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award
Given in recognition of outstanding achievement introductory chemistry. Winner: Karina Keyur Dalal ’23


Cronan Award for Excellence in the Study of Politics
Created in 2000 by Melissa J. Mullinax ’94 in memory of her grandmother and awarded to the outstanding senior majoring in political science based on scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and promise of future achievement. Winners: Destiny Briana Barnett ’20, Taelyn Janel Reid ’20


Dance Department Award for Creative Excellence
Awarded to a senior dance major who has shown creative and artistic excellence in dance performance, choreography, and leadership. Winner: Elizabeth Watkins ’20

Economics Department Award for Academic Excellence
Given to a senior economics major who has the most outstanding academic record. Winner: Peijia Liu ’20

Elizabeth Gould Zenn Classics Award
Created in 1982 by family and friends of Professor Emerita Elizabeth Gould Zenn and awarded to students of classical antiquity for study abroad. Winner: Sophia Elzie ’20

Elizabeth Jefferson Boyt Student Development Award
Established to honor Betsy Jefferson Boyt ’62 and given at the discretion of the Dean of Students to a student to pursue academic interests outside the classroom. Winner: Rachael Thompson ’20

Ellen Rosenblatt Caswell ’47 Award
Provides funds to a student studying abroad for a semester or longer in a destination excluding her country of origin. Winners: Laura Cain ’22, Celeste Lan ’22,


Emily S. Dexter Award
Created to honor Professor Emerita Emily S. Dexter and awarded to rising seniors based on excellence in scholarship and leadership in the psychology department. Winners: Peyton Capehart ’21, McKenna Hupp ’21, Hajar Harda ’21, Lane Miller ’21
Erin S. Harris ’21, Katherine Rogers ’21


Margaret T. Phythian Award
Established in 1965 by Betty Fountain Gray ’35, a close friend of Professor Margaret T. Phythian, former chair of the department of French and member of the class of 1916. These awards are given in Professor Phythian’s memory to French majors for study abroad. Winner: Grace Davis ’22

Marjo Dobbs Arseneau ’89 Memorial Librarianship Award
Awarded to a junior or senior who is either committed to pursuing a career in librarianship/archives by obtaining a master’s of information/library science, or who has made significant contributions to McCain Library as a student assistant. Winner: Anna Sturgill ’20