Agnes Scott Graduate Students Produce Modern Retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey Titled My Never-Ending Journey

Decatur, GA, December 4, 2018 –A group of Agnes Scott College Writing and Digital Communications graduate students are applying their learnings to create a reimagining of Homer’s classic The Odyssey across three distinct platforms. Called My Never-Ending Journey, the Wordpress, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts reenvision the classic with a modern twist.  transmediaodyssey_pressreleaseimage-2.png

 In My Never-ending Journey, the Wordpress blog follows Odysseus as he writes about his travels. Entries cover details of the original story, such as battling with Poseidon’s son Polyphemus and encounters on the enchanting blue-lotus island. Modern elements are drawn into the classic scenes such as an angry Odysseus writing a negative Airbnb review for his time staying with Polyphemus in his blog. This, in turn, causes an angry and protective father, Poseidon, to create a Tumblr account to reveal the truth about Odysseus’s stay, making the second transmedia element his account @Poseidon-Be-Salty.

For the third element, the Sirens, the mythical creatures who lure sailors to their deaths with their voices, show off their astounding music and successful band with an Instagram account. Snippets of their performances at Greek musical festivals and songs can be seen at @syrensofcapri.

My Never-Ending Journey was conceptualized by Isobel Robinson-Ortiz, an alumna of Agnes Scott College and first-semester graduate student. “I’ve always loved the classics, and I wanted to show that a story like The Odyssey is a classic for a reason. I saw so many opportunities to let its major themes shine through the use of new platforms,” Robinson-Ortiz said.

The project’s lead manager is Courtney Massey Perrin, an alumna of Agnes Scott. Writers, designers, editors, and producers include Sarah Kegley, Carey Blankenship, Chasity Wingard, Christina Robinson, Epiphany Hunter, Jill Bassett, and Virginia Underwood. The entire team is excited to share their never-ending journey with the world.

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